Important: AOL Screen Name is now known as AOL Username. You may still see Screen Name at some places as we are in the process of changing it across AOL. Please bear with us.

Recent Programs gives you a list of the last twenty programs that have tried to access the internet for the selected parentally controlled AOL Username.

To track the programs accessed by an AOL Username on AOL Parental Controls software, please follow the directions below:

1. Next to the clock in the Windows systray, right-click the AOL Parental Controls icon.

2. Select Reports and then click Recent Programs.

3. Select the desired AOL Username from the Username drop-down menu.

Note: You will get the list of all the programs that tried to access the internet for the AOL Username you've selected.

4. To close the Recent Programs window, click Close.

Note: To clear the list, click Clear List.

Important: The Track Recent Programs feature is only available with the AOL Parental Controls software. If you do not have the AOL Parental Controls software installed on your computer, AOL Parental Controls will report activity only when your child is browsing the internet while signed on to the AOL software. If you have not already installed the AOL software, please visit Discover AOL to do so. The AOL Parental Controls software is no longer available for download.

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