Before uninstalling AOL Connectivity Service (ACS), close all the open AOL programs on your computer. This can be done using the AOL Process Shut Down utility. Follow the instructions given below to run this utility.

1. On the Windows taskbar, right-click the AOL icon, and then click System Information. If prompted, click Continue or Yes.

2. Click the Utilities tab.

3. Next to AOL Process Shut Down, click Start.

4. Click OK to start the AOL Process Shut Down utility.

5. Press any key on your keyboard. The AOL Process Shutdown utility will close all AOL processes, including AOL System Information.

To uninstall ACS 4.0 in Windows 2000/Me/98:

1. Right-click the Windows taskbar, and then click Task Manager.

Note: If you are using Windows Me or 98, hold down the Ctrl and Alt keys on your keyboard, and then press the Delete key once. The Close Program window will open.

2. Ensure that waol.exe, acsd.exe, aolacsd.exe and aoldial.exe are not listed. If waol.exe is present in the list, click it to highlight the process, and then click End Process or End Task. If prompted, click End Task again. Repeat the same for acsd.exe, aolacsd.exe and aoldial.exe.

Note: If you are using Windows 2000, click the Processes tab in the Task Manager window to view these processes. Once you are done checking the processes, click X to close the window.

3. Double-click the My Computer icon on the Windows desktop.

4. Double-click the C: icon.

5. Double-click the Program Files folder.

6. Double-click the Common Files folder.

7. Double-click the AOL folder.

8. Double-click the ACS folder.

9. Double-click the uninst file.

10. Click OK.

Note: Do not start the AOL Destkop Software.

11. Click X to close the window.

12. Double-click the My Computer icon on the Windows desktop.

13. Double-click the C: icon, double-click the Program Files folder, double-click the Common Files folder, and then double-click the AOL folder.

14. Double-click the Backup folder.

15. Double-click the ACS folder.

16. Double-click the Rollback folder.

17. Double-click the acssetup file. The system will restart automatically.


  • If you cannot find acssetup in the above-mentioned folder, look for it in C:\Program Files\Common Files\AOL\Backup\ACS\Current\US.
  • You will not receive any message stating that the reinstallation of ACS is complete. Wait until the hour glass disappears.

18. Start the AOL Desktop Software.

19. Click Yes. If prompted, click Restart Now.