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About Web Unlock
Access Web Unlock

About Web Unlock

Web Unlock is designed to help parents customize their child's Web experience. Web Unlock enables parents to override the default AOL Parental Controls' Web filtering settings and allow or block specific individual websites. With Web Unlock, a parent can decide if a site is appropriate or not for their child to view online. Kids can request access from AOL Keyword: Web Unlock or the website restricted message. An email will be sent to the master Username with the website requested and comments from the child. A parent can allow or block these requested sites, or any other sites they choose, at AOL Keyword: Parental Controls or

Access Web Unlock

There are several ways to access Web Unlock. If you have a pending Web Unlock request from your child, waiting in their inbox, do the following:

1. Go to AOL Keyword: Parental Controls or go directly to and sign in.

2. Under the Child's Access Requests section, click the View button.

3. Review your pending requests and decide whether to allow or deny your child's request.

Note: Click the Yes to All or No to All options to allow or deny a website, respectively, and then click Save.

If there is no pending request:

1. Go to AOL Keyword: Parental Controls or go directly to and sign in.

2. Click the Username of the child whose Web browsing controls you wish to modify.

3. In the Edit: section, click the Web Browsing link.

4. In the Web Browsing Controls section, click the Allow a Specific Site link.

5. In the box provided, type the URL of the website you wish to allow, then click the Add button.

6. Click the X button at the upper right of the Allowed Web Sites: window to close it.

7. Click the Save button, then click the OK button.

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