You may not be able to receive email from a sender if they do not have the correct email address. If the sender has the correct email address, verify that your mailbox is set to show email from everyone.


Verify the Sender Has the Correct email Address

The sender must have your exact email address for you to receive their email.

To verify the sender has the correct email address:
Contact the sender and verify they are using your correct email address based on whether they have an AOL email address or an Internet email address.

  • Your email address for correspondence with other AOL members is your screen name, for example, aolmember1.
  • Your email address for correspondence with people on the Internet is your screen name, without any capitalization or spaces, followed by, for example,

Show email From Everyone

emails can be hidden from view if the person sending you the email is not in your AOL Address Book or Buddy List and the filter is set to not show emails from unknown senders.

Note: The Show me mail from: option is only available for AOL 8.0 Plus and higher.

To show email from everyone:
1. On the AOL toolbar, click the Read icon.
2. Click the Show me mail from: drop-down menu to open it, choose Everyone from the list, then click it.
3. In the upper right of the mailbox window, click theX button to close it.