If you’re experiencing hangs or freezes with the AOL Desktop 9.6 software, it may be caused by the presence of FunWebProducts™ software.

Let’s find out if FunWebProducts™ software* is installed on your computer.

1. Open an external web browser and go to http://www.useragentstring.com/.

2. In the User Agent String explained box, check whether FunWebProducts and/or Smiley Central appears. If either shows up within this box, it means that their software is installed on your PC and is causing performance issues with the AOL Desktop 9.6 software

To remove FunWebProducts™ software you can:

  • Install the AOL Software Update, which will disable FunWebProducts, OR
  • Manually uninstall FunWebProducts™

      *Note: FunWebProducts™ suite of applications includes Webfetti, SmileyCentral, CursorMania, Kazulah, PopularScreensavers, Zwinky, MyFunCards and the IWON.com sweepstakes and casual gaming portal.

      Once FunWebProducts™ software has been removed from your computer, restart the AOL Desktop 9.6 software. That should’ve done the trick. Give it a try!