You may occasionally experience a blank OK box when you start the AOL Desktop Software.

The box will go away after clicking the OK box three times but will reappear in a few moments. This is a known issue that is currently being fixed. Until it is, to get around this issue you will need to download and run the latest McAfee consumer product removal tool (MCPR).

The MCPR tool will remove McAfee software or any other AOL computer security product from your computer. Follow the instructions below to learn how to download and use the MCPR tool.

Note: If you already have the MCPR tool installed on your computer please skip to the Using the MCPR tool portion of this article for instructions on how to use it.

Downloading the MCPR tool

To download and use the MCPR tool:

1. Go to and download the MCPR.exe file.

2. Click Save.

3. Save the MCPR.exe file at a desired location (for example, on the desktop), and then click Save.

4. In the Download complete window, click Close.

Using the MCPR tool

To use the MCPR tool:

1. Navigate to the destination where you’ve saved the MCPR.exe file, and then double-click the MCPR.exe icon to begin the installation.

2. Click Run.

3. In the McAfee Software Removal window, click Next.

4. After reading the End User License Agreement, select Agree and click Next.

5. In the Security Validation window, enter the characters you see and click Next.

6. In the second Security Validation window, enter the characters you see again and click Next.

7. The MCPR tool will begin to remove McAfee. This may take a few minutes. Once the process is complete, the file immediately starts the clean-up process.

8. Click Restart to restart your computer.

9. Click Yes to restart your computer. Once the computer restarts, McAfee and other AOL security products will be removed.

Note: If you’d like to re-install McAfee, please refer to our help article Installing and Uninstalling McAfee.

IMPORTANT: Please remember that uninstalling the product doesn’t automatically cancel your subscription and you will continue to be charged. To cancel your subscription, please access your account at My Account.