Note: Upgrade to the latest version of the AOL Desktop software to take advantage of great new features!

IM Catcher intercepts instant messages (IMs) from Usernames that are not listed in your Buddy List and alerts you so that you can decide whether you'd like to respond to the message.

When the IM Catcher notifies you of messages, you have the following options:

  • Open IM: Opens the message. All subsequent messages from that Username will arrive as normal messages and not go through the IM Catcher tool.
  • Buddy Info: Gives you information about the person who sent you the message.
  • Block: Ignores the message and blocks all future messages from that Username. You can unblock the Username later if you so wish.
  • Ignore: Ignores the message and all subsequent messages from that Username during that online session.
  • Ignore All: Ignores all the messages currently in the IM Catcher list.

Note: Screen reader users may want to disable the IM Catcher feature as it can interfere with screen readers.