An Account Security Question, or ASQ, is a simple question and answer created by you, which we use to verify your identity and protect your account. To learn more about your ASQ, please click one of the headings below.

Why do I need an Account Security Question?

The ASQ is required to verify your identity when you access sensitive information. Examples of instances when you will be asked to answer your ASQ include:

  • When you want to manage your AOL account online
  • When you want to reset your password through the Forgot Password link
  • When you contact AOL customer service and an exchange of private account information is required
  • When you use AOL products that require an extra level of security

How do I create an Account Security Question (ASQ)?

Tips for creating your Account Security Question:

  • Create an ASQ that can be answered only by you. Anyone who can guess the answer to your ASQ may be able to access and make changes to your account.
  • Carefully note the exact spelling and capitalization of your answer.

AOL requires a correct answer to your ASQ before offering online and phone support for your account. You’ll need the answer to your ASQ to access the following:

  • AOL Keyword: My Account: This keyword allows you to manage your AOL account online.
  • Forgotten Password: This link allows you to reset your password and get back online.
  • Phone or Online Customer Service: This service involves private account information or changes.

How do I change or update my Account Security Question (ASQ)?

Your Account Security Question (ASQ) is a question and answer combination that works in conjunction with your password to protect your privacy. Just think of your ASQ as additional protection. It helps AOL verify your identity when you sign in to AOL secure sites. Keep in mind that in order to update or change your ASQ, you'll need to remember your existing ASQ.

IMPORTANT: If you are the master account holder for your AOL account, we now offer the option to reset the ASQs for all AOL Usernames tied to your account. In order to do so, you'll need the ASQ for your master AOL Username.

To change your ASQ, follow the instructions below:

1. Go to and sign in.

2. Locate your Security Question and click Edit.

3. Select a question from the drop-down menu, enter your Answer, and click Save.

Congratulations, you just updated your ASQ!

I forgot the answer to my AOL Account Security Question, how do I reset it?

This happens to everyone from time to time! You can get back on track by re-setting the question.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Go to

2. Sign in with your Username or Email and Password.

3. Click Forgot answer?

Select one of the available options to verify your account, and follow the steps.

4. Click the New Question drop-down menu and select a question from the list.

5. In the Answer box, type the answer to your ASQ.

6. Click Next.

7. You will receive a confirmation message. Click Done.

My Account Security Question is blocked. What do I do?

Your Account security Question will be blocked, if you incorrectly answer your ASQ for four consecutive times. Don't worry, the block on the account is valid only for 24 hours. After the 24 hour period expires, the block is automatically lifted and you can answer your Account security question with the appropriate answer.