Activate and redeem your Redbox promo code

Activate your Redbox promo code

If your account has a plan that includes the Redbox promo code, you'll see it listed in MyBenefits. To activate your Redbox benefit:

1. Sign in to MyBenefits with the username you'd like to activate the Redbox promo code. This is the username that will be eligible for the benefit each month.
2. Locate the Redbox benefit.
3. Click Activate Now or Get Code.
4. Click Get Code Now on the AOL Redbox landing page.
5. Review the promo code that will appear on the AOL Redbox activation page. Note: You will also receive an email with your Redbox promo code.

Redeem your promo code at a Redbox Kiosk

1. Visit any Redbox location.
2. Search and select a movie.
3. Tap the + icon to add a movie to your bag.
4. Select the movie format.
5. Select how long you want to keep the movie.
7. Tap APPLY PROMO on the checkout screen.
8. Enter the promo code.
9. Tap Apply.
10. Select SIGN IN & PAY or PAY AS GUEST.
11. Swipe your payment method.
12. Enter your zip code and tap ENTER.

Redeem your promo code on for On Demand

1. Visit
2. Search for a movie in the search bar.
Image of Redbox.
3. Select your movie.
4. To redeem your $2 off On Demand promo code, click RENT ON DEMAND.
Image of Rent On Demand.
5. Select High Definition or Standard Definition and click CONTINUE.
6. Sign in to your Redbox account or create an account by clicking SIGN UP.
Image of Redbox login.
7. You will be taken to the Checkout screen. Under Payment Method on the right, click ADD CARD.
Image of Payment Method screen.
8. On the Add Card screen, enter your payment method and click SAVE.
9. Under Promos, click APPLY PROMO.
Image of Promos.
10. Enter the Promo Code and click APPLY PROMO. Your promo code will appear under Promos and your $2 discount will be applied.
Image of Apply a Promo Code.
11. Click ACCEPT & PAY.