AIM 5’s the oldest version of AIM still running. True, some people love what they’ve got or they’re so comfortable with it they don’t want to upgrade. We get that! But we’d really like to emphasize the fact that you won’t lose anything by upgrading. You’d even gain the support of a full suite of Help articles for the new AIM, which aren’t available for AIM 5.

If you upgrade, you won’t lose your Buddy List or AIM logs. You’ll even keep your current AIM profile image.

And upgrading to AIM 7 gives you access to all of these awesome new features:

• IM with your Google Talk contacts
• View updates from Facebook, Twitter and MySpace
• Comment on or Like your Facebook friends’ status updates
• Update your Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and MySpace accounts
• Upload and crop your picture to create a cool buddy icon
• Add a photo to your status
• Change your color scheme to add style

Visit to download the latest version of AIM!

To get help with AIM 5 features, feel free to ask the AIM Community for support.