AIM Mobile is the portable version of AIM that you use on your computer. AIM Mobile allows you to stay in touch on the go. Depending on the type of AIM Mobile service you are using, additional messaging and data rates from your wireless carrier may apply. To learn more about your AIM Mobile options, click to expand the headings below.

AIM Mobile Options

  • Mobile AIM Apps on your Phone: If you have a smart phone you can download the AIM app for your device. AIM is available in the Google Play store for Android devices and the Apple App store for iOS devices. Learn more at
  • IM Forwarding: If your phone is capable of text messaging, you can forward instant messages to your cell phone when you're away from your computer. Simply receive and respond to IMs using text messaging directly from your phone! Learn more and register for IM Forwarding here.
  • IM to Mobile: Another way to reach your buddies when they are away from their computers is to add their mobile numbers to your Buddy List. The phone numbers appear online just like other buddies on your Buddy List. When you send them IMs, the messages are transformed into text messages which they receive on their mobile phones. Learn more and manage your settings here.
  • IM TXT: You can also originate IMs to desktop buddies from your phone using text messaging with AIM TXT. Learn more here.

Note: You can be signed in to AIM using multiple devices (computers and mobile devices) at the same time. When you sign out from a device, you are signed out from that device only. Messages are received on all devices to which you have signed in to AIM.

IM Forwarding vs. AIM Mobile

IM Forwarding (Instant Message Forwarding) is different from AIM Mobile in a few ways.

With IM Forwarding, your instant messages are sent to your mobile phone when you're signed out of AIM on your computer. These IMs are sent as text messages. Depending on your phone and wireless service provider, you may or may not be able to reply to these messages. Also, with IM Forwarding you can't see your Buddy List, set Buddy Alerts, or use any other AIM features from your phone.

With AIM Mobile, you're using a full version of AIM. Along with sending and receiving instant messages, you can see and modify your Buddy List, set your phone to alert you when buddies come online, initiate conversations, and block messages. Interested? If so, please visit and look for your brand of device along the bottom of the page. For example, AIM for iPhone, AIM for iPad, or AIM for Android.

If you're using a mobile version of AIM, your friends get a note that their IMs are going to your phone. They also see a Mobile Device icon next to your Username both in their Buddy List window and in the conversation window.


  • Your mobile service provider may charge you for these and other text messages that you send or receive. Please consult your provider regarding your plan.
  • Learn how to send and receive IMs using IM Forwarding on your mobile device at IM Forwarding.
  • To change your mobile settings, please visit your mobile settings from your mobile device.

About Mobile Device Icons

If you notice a blue mobile device icon next to your contact's name, that means they're using IM Forwarding or AIM Mobile TXT. The purpose of the icon is to let you know that these users are using mobile devices with limited messaging capabilities. This helps to set the expectation that messages may take longer to type or be shorter in length. If your contacts are using AIM Mobile Apps, or the New AIM you won't see mobile device icons next to their Usernames.

Note: A mobile device icon displays only if you're using AIM version 5.9 or higher, or AOL version 7.0 or higher.