This software update to AOL Desktop 9.6 fixes a known issue with FunWebProducts™.

The FunWebProducts™ suite of applications* are known to be incompatible with AOL Desktop 9.6 and will not run concurrently with the AOL Desktop Software. By proceeding with installing AOL Desktop 9.6, you acknowledge this incompatibility and give AOL permission to disable FunWebProducts™ on your computer.

When the update is ready to be installed, it'll show up as a pop-up window in the bottom right corner of your screen.

To install the update:

1. Close the AOL software by clicking the X in the top right corner or by clicking File in the menu bar and then clicking Exit.

2. On the AOL Software Updates window, click Install.

AOL Software Update Installation

3. The update will begin the installation process. This could take a few minutes but it’ll be worth the wait!

AOL Software Update

Note: Please don't turn off your computer or disconnect from the Internet while these updates are being installed, as this may result in an incomplete update. An incomplete update won’t damage your computer but you’ll need to restart the process to install the update.

4. After you've installed the update, click Close.

Success in Installing AOL Software Update

That's it! Continue installing AOL updates as they become available to ensure the most enjoyable and secure online experience.

*FunWebProducts™ suite of applications includes Webfetti, SmileyCentral, CursorMania, Kazulah, PopularScreensavers, Zwinky, MyFunCards and the sweepstakes and casual gaming portal.