About AOL Dialer

AOL Dialer is replacing the AOL Desktop software you’ve been using to connect to the Internet. You’ll now need to use a separate AOL Dialer in order to connect. Once you connect with the AOL Dialer, you’ll then need to use either a web browser like AOL Shield or AOL Desktop Gold software to access your email and other AOL products and services.

Download the latest version of AOL Dialer.

Install AOL Dialer

  1. Open Windows File Explorer.
  2. Open your Downloads folder.
  3. Double click the AOLDialerInstaller icon.
    Downloads folder
  4. Click Next.
    AOL Dialer setup wizard
  5. Select an installation folder, Click Next.
    Select Installation folder
  6. Agree to the EULA, Click Next.
    EULA acceptance screen
  7. Confirm Installation, Click Next.
    Confirm installation screen
  8. Click Next.
    - The Windows security window opens.
  9. Click Yes.
  10. Click Close.

Installation complete screen
That’s it! You’ve installed the AOL Dialer.

Setting Up Your Connection

  1. Launch AOL Dialer.
    AOL Dialer icon
  2. Enter your Screen Name or email address.
    Note: Your password will be required when you sign into AOL Mail.
    AOL Dialer sign on screen
  3. Click Sign On.
  4. To add your location, select the radio button based on your Internet connection:
    • Select I have DSL through AOL if you are not connected to the internet and have an AOL router or modem.
    • Select I already have internet access through Cable/DSL or LAN connection if you are already connected to the internet.
  5. Click Next.

Add location screen
Congratulations! You Are Now Connected.
Successful connection window

Disconnecting from AOL

Open the AOL Dialer connection status window located in the system tray and click the DISCONNECT button to disconnect from the Internet.
AOL Dialer connection window
AOL dialer disconnected window

Troubleshooting Common Errors and Problems

If you receive an error message or are having difficulty connecting or staying connected, please refer to the following information to help troubleshoot common connection issues.

Check your connection status

To view your AOL Dialer connection status, open the AOL Connectivity window from either the system tray or by clicking the AOL Dialer icon in your Windows taskbar.

If you are not connected to AOL, make sure you have entered your screen name correctly.

Unable to detect a modem

If the AOL Dialer is unable to detect a modem or other connection device, make sure your modem is powered on and connected to the wall and your PC correctly.

Connect Error: The connection could not be completed

This message means your modem isn’t set up properly, your modem is not connected, or you have an AOL DSL modem and an internal modem on your PC.

If you have an AOL DSL modem and a modem in your PC, make sure you have selected the AOL DSL modem. You should also verify that your Screen Name (or email address) is correct and try again.

Restarting your modem and PC

Many times, restarting your system can resolve connection issues. Follow these steps to restart your system and modem.

  1. Turn off your modem*
  2. Shutdown your PC
  3. Wait 30 seconds
  4. Turn on your PC
  5. Turn on your modem
  6. After Windows loads, try to connect with AOL Dialer

*For best results, the phone cord should be plugged directly into the wall jack. Remove any splitters, phone line surge protectors, fax or answering machines, or other devices since they can affect your modem’s ability to connect.