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CareerBuilder FAQs

CareerBuilder FAQs

Below you'll find the most frequently asked questions about creating, deleting, and managing your resumes on the AOL Jobs / CareerBuilder website. Click on a question to jump down to a detailed answer:

How do I post my resume?

It's easy to post your resume using the My CareerBuilder section of AOL Jobs. Just follow the instructions below:


  1. Visit AOL Jobs / My CareerBuilder.
  2. Log in to your CareerBuilder account.
  3. On the My CareerBuilder page, click Resume & Cover Letters.
  4. Click Add a Resume.
  5. Click the Post Your Resume button located under Your resume keeps working.
  6. Enter your Resume Title. For maximum exposure, use a title that describes your profession or skills. Avoid using your name.
  7. Upload your resume using Choose File or copy and paste your resume from an existing text document in to the Paste Your Resume field. You can also use our Resume Builder if you don’t have a resume handy.
    • If you have a pre-existing resume in another program (e.g., Microsoft Word), you can save time by uploading the resume. To upload an existing resume that you have saved, click Browse and select the file.
    • If you do not currently have a resume, click Use our Resume Builder for a step-by-step process that'll let us help you create a professional resume in our system.
  8. Click Continue.
  9. Under Privacy Options, select Public, Private or Anonymous. Descriptions for each setting are found under the corresponding option.
  10. Update your Experience, Work History and Education as desired. CareerBuilder will attempt to extract this information from your resume, but the results may be incomplete. Once this information is up to date, click Continue.
  11. Update your Recent Compensation, Additional SkillsandQualifications, Desired Position, Relocation Information and Extended Profile as desired. These sections are all optional: you don’t need to complete them, but they’ll make your resume more complete.
  12. If you’re satisfied with your resume, click Post Resume. It’ll be posted to CareerBuilder and be available under your Resumes in My CareerBuilder.

Where can I locate my saved resumes?

  1. Click on CareerBuilder on the navigation header.
  2. Log in or create a new CareerBuilder account.
  3. Click Resume & Cover Letters.
  4. Your saved resumes will be shown under Resumes.

How do I delete my resume?

  1. Click CareerBuilder on the navigation header.
  2. Login to your CareerBuilder account.
  3. Click Resume & Cover Letters.
  4. Under Resumes, click the Trash Can icon next to the resume you want to delete. A pop-up prompt will display. Click OK to delete the resume.

How do I edit my resume?

Need to tweak an existing resume? No problem. Follow the instructions below for more information on how to do so.

Edit a resume

  1. Visit AOL Jobs / My CareerBuilder.
  2. Log in to your CareerBuilder account.
  3. Click on My CareerBuilder.
  4. Click Resume & Cover Letters.
  5. Under Resumes, click the Pencil icon next to the resume that you want to modify.
  6. Scroll down to any section you want to modify and click Edit.
  7. Once you’ve updated the desired sections of your resume, click Save and your settings will go into effect immediately.

Change the title of a resume

  1. Visit AOL Jobs / My CareerBuilder.
  2. Log in to your CareerBuilder account.
  3. Click on My CareerBuilder.
  4. Click Resume & Cover Letters.
  5. Under Resumes, click the Pencil icon next to the resume that you want to modify.
  6. Under Resume Statistics, next to Resume Information, click Edit.
  7. Enter in a new resume title in the Resume Title field.
  8. Click Save. Your change will go into effect immediately.

How do I submit a cover letter?

  1. Click on CareerBuilder on the navigation header.
  2. Log in to your CareerBuilder account.
  3. Click Resume & Cover Letters.
  4. Next to the Cover Letters heading, click Add a Cover Letter.
  5. Enter a name for your cover letter in the Letter Name field.
  6. Enter your cover letter content into the Cover Letter field. Cover letters are limited to 4,000 characters.
  7. Once you’re done entering your cover letter, click Save. Your resume will now be available under Cover Letters on the My CareerBuilder page.

How do I share my uploaded resume with other job sites?

At the moment CareerBuilder does not offer the functionality for you to share your resume with other job sites. You will have to upload your resume to another site if you wish to use it there.

How do I register for an AOL Jobs/My CareerBuilder account?

Registering with AOL Jobs / My Careerbuilder is free and easy! Just follow the directions below:

1. Visit AOL Jobs / My CareerBuilder.

2. Under New to, click Sign up Now!

3. Fill out your CareerBuilder Registration, including Account Information, Contact Information and the type(s) of communications you would like to receive.

4. Once you’ve completed filling out all of the fields on the registration page, click Register Now to submit your information.

5. You’re now a registered! Feel free to browse around and explore the website.

How do I search for a job on AOL Jobs/ My CareerBuilder?

There are millions of jobs on CareerBuilder, of which plenty apply to your needs. Below you’ll find information on how to perform an advanced job search, which'll help you narrow your search and find jobs that are interesting to you.


  • You can access the Advanced Search page by clicking Find A Job and then clicking the Advanced Search tab under All jobs.
  • Unless indicated otherwise, the default search results are filtered within a 30-mile radius of your default location.

Advanced Search Options

On the Advanced Search tab, you can filter job advertisements using the options below:

  • Keywords - Enter any specific words that are of interest to you, such as the job title or a relevant description of the job duties. A keyword search will scan entire job postings for any matching terms, thus you can search in this field for Reference ID or Web ID (jobs from newspapers).
  • Use - Selecting All of these words will search for any job advertisements that include all of the words you have entered under Keywords. Selecting Any of these words will search for any job advertisements that include any of the words you have entered under Keywords (not necessarily all of them).
  • Location(s) - Select any areas that you may be interested in. You can enter up to 3 locations, by city, state or ZIP code. You can also restrict the search to a specific mileage radius around the location(s) you choose.
  • Include Jobs Posted Within - Specify how recent you want your results to be. Postings usually stay live on CareerBuilder for one calendar month, but employers can keep jobs listed for longer periods of time. This will be based on Original Posted Date.
  • Industries - You can use this drop-down to select a specific industry you're looking to work in. It'll restrict your job search to only the industry you've chosen.
  • Job Categories - Specify up to 3 job categories to make the job search more precise.
  • Degree - Specify the minimum scholastic requirements for the desired position. Check the Include all lower degrees check box to include any jobs that require lesser education in your search.
  • Employment Type - Check any desired: Full time, Contractor, Part time, Intern, Seasonal/Temp.
  • Salary Range - Specify the income level you're looking for.

Exclude Criteria

You can use the Exclude Criteria section to keep specific job advertisements from showing up in your search based on the following fields:

  • Exclude Keywords - Any job advertisements that contain the keyword(s) you enter here will not be displayed.
  • Exclude Job Title - Any job advertisements that have the title(s) you enter here will not be displayed.
  • Exclude Company - Any job advertisements from companies you enter here will not be displayed.

Additional Exclude options:

  • Exclude national and regional jobs - Checking this will hide any national or regional job advertisements (usually jobs that require a lot of travel)
  • Exclude Non-Traditional Jobs
  • Exclude jobs that don't include salary information - Checking this will hide any job advertisements that don't include salary information.

How do I apply for jobs on AOL Jobs/ My CareerBuilder?

If you find that you are having a hard time applying to jobs that you are interested in, you may find the following instructions helpful.

Every job on CareerBuilder will look similar in its layout. We require employers to post certain information to ensure that you can apply to jobs easily. There should always be at least one application button located at the top and bottom of the job advertisement. To apply to a job, please follow the instructions below:

1. Visit AOL Jobs / My CareerBuilder.

2. Log in to your CareerBuilder account.

3. Click on Find a Job.

4. Search for and select a job you are interested in applying for.

5. Click Apply Now.

6. Complete the information presented on the page:

  • First Name and Last Name - Enter your full name. Make sure the name entered here matches the name in your resume.
  • Email Address - The potential employer will use this email address to contact you.
  • Upload, Copy/Paste, Use a Saved Resume - Please attach your resume using the available options. You can choose a file to upload from your computer, copy and paste your resume directly into the field provided, or use an existing resume that you have saved on CareerBuilder.
  • Include cover letter? - Check this option to use an existing cover letter you have saved on CareerBuilder or copy and paste into the available text field. Many employers appreciate or require a cover letter.

7. Click Send Application.


  • The Apply Now button may also send you to a company's own website to apply for a job rather than using CareerBuilder's online application form. If this happens, you will no longer be within the CareerBuilder network. You'll need to follow the instructions on the company's website to continue applying for the job.
  • Companies will occasionally.want to ensure job seekers meet certain requirements before they upload their resumes. You may be required to fill out a brief questionnaire before you can submit your application.
  • Some jobs will have different methods to apply for a position. Click on Contact Info and follow the instructions, or use the contact information provided within the body or Contact Info section of the job advertisement.
  • Out of respect for the privacy of our job posters, CareerBuilder cannot disclose any information that companies choose not to post in their advertisements. In fact, CareerBuilder often does not have additional contact information to disclose.

How do I unsubscribe from emails on AOL Jobs/ My CareerBuilder?

To unsubscribe from any emails you've been receiving from CareerBuilder, please follow the instructions below:

1. Visit AOL Jobs / My CareerBuilder.

2. Log in to your CareerBuilder account.

3. From the My CareerBuilder menu, select Edit Profile.

4. On your profile page, select Click here to visit the CareerBuilder Email Subscription Center.

5. You will be directed to the Email Management Center, where you will have three tabs to choose from in order to manage your emails.

  • 1st Tab: Career Advice – Select this if you would like to receive the CareerBuilder newsletter, education recommendations or partner offers.
  • 2nd Tab: Contact from Employers – Select this to indicate whether you would like to have a public or private resume. Select Private to stop receiving emails from employers.
  • 3rd Tab: Job Alerts – Manage your job alerts and choose if you would like to receive recommended jobs from CareerBuilder.

6. Once all changes are made, click Save.

Note: Although your email address should be immediately removed, please allow up to 48 hours for your email account to stop receiving messages. Also, please note that there are employers who may have downloaded your resume into their computer systems. Please contact the companies directly if you continue to receive emails.

How can I get more results from my resumes and applications?

CareerBuilder is always on the lookout for techniques that can help clients optimize the performance of our services. As online advertising grows, the difference between a smart investment and a disappointment often turns on the quality of a job posting. The 10 tips below were collected from numerous sources and will help make sure that your internet recruitment advertisements are well-written and effective.

Company information

Sell the company by describing its history, career opportunities, culture, recent achievements and future prospects. What's unique and exciting about the company, or about working for it? Do they use paid time off instead of sick/vacation/personal days? Do they stress having fun at work because it leads to people who are passionate about their work?

Proper grammar

Make sure you spell-check your description before posting it; the computer will not match your posting with a job seeker’s keyword search for “engineer” if you have spelled the word “enginerr.”

Industry terms

Use industry and occupation specific terms, such as “Visual Basic,” “C++,” or “COBOL” in both position titles and descriptions. More industry terms leads to more searchable keywords, and that leads to more opportunities to capture a job seeker.

Job titles

Use functional descriptions with as much specificity as possible, rather than titles for the organization chart; think like job seekers and use a title that they are likely to use in searching for a position. Avoid "GREAT OPPORTUNITIES!!!" and other non-descriptive titles.


Include a complete list of the required knowledge, skills and abilities and their synonyms, as appropriate. Keep a list of keywords handy for job types and industries, then double-check to see if they're already in the description or requirements. If not, try to work them in. If applicable, include the list of keywords at the bottom of the job description or Requirements for Job Search.


Include both the city and the state in the posting. If the city is small, use the closest major city that job seekers will recognize. Is there something unique about the city or location? Are there lots of bars or restaurants in the area? Are there entertainment or outdoor activity opportunities nearby? Make the job seeker say "wow, that would be cool!" This won't work for all postings, of course, but it does work for a lot of them!

Advertise in parallel

Drive traffic to your postings and the extensive information they contain by advertising their location in print publications.

Response mechanisms

Provide multiple ways for job seekers to submit their resumes, including mail, fax, email and online application.

Salary level

State the salary or salary range for the position. Postings that prominently featured this information get better results. Statistics show that postings that include salary ranges get read twice as often.


Employ a method of tracking where responses come from so that you know which ads are working best and which are not. Try using a different email address for each site you post on, if applicable. This allows you to more accurately track your return on investment so you can see where you get the best value.

Our customer service representatives can also email you an "Effective Job Poster" form, which will help you write a job to attract the most qualified candidates. Please call us at 1-800-891-8880 Monday through Friday from 8AM to 9PM ET.

Why haven't employers contacted me after I sent them my resume?

CareerBuilder operates very similar to newspaper classifieds. Employers come to us to post jobs, but we do not take any part in the hiring process nor in the placement of candidates. When you apply and send your resume to companies registered on our system, we do not take part in the application screening. Any time you apply for a position, your resume goes directly to the company that advertised the job. Whether employers choose to contact you is entirely left to their discretion. To find out the status of your application, you will have to follow up with the company.

To search for a company's recruiting or contact information, please refer to the job listing or use your favorite search engine to search for the company.

Note: If a company chooses not to disclose contact information, CareerBuilder's privacy policy dictates that we cannot disclose any further information than what is listed in the job advertisement.

How can I set up a resume search agent on AOL Jobs/My CareerBuilder?

CareerBuilder provides the option to save searches and automate saved searches. Please follow the instructions below to set up saved searches and automatic emails (which we refer to as RSAs or Resume Search Agents):

1. After running your keyword search and producing relevant results, click Save Search above the More Search Options column.

2. Name your search, preferably something that is easily remembered and corresponds to the search options you have selected. Then click Save Search.

3. Select how frequently you want the Resume Search Agent to run. Once selected, the email address you use to log in will populate in the empty field.

4. To access saved searches from the basic search, click View All Saved Searches under the Saved Searches tab. To access saved searches from the advanced search, click the Saved Searches link.

5. From the list of searches you have the option to Copy, Edit or Delete. If you would like to run the search, click on the Search Name to access real-time results.


Your RSA might not be working because no new resumes or newly modified resumes match your search criteria. Even if you have the frequency set to run daily you might not receive search agent emails. Additionally, your RSA might not be set to run. You can check this by going to the Saved Searches section to review the selected frequency. If you see that your search agent is set to run and you have not received any e-mails in awhile, please contact your client support specialist, who'll be able to provide additional assistance. Contact information is available in the Your Account section on your CareerBuilder homepage.

Still having trouble?

Ensure that your RSAs are set to email you and aren't being sent to a junk mail or spam folder. For additional issues, please contact your dedicated CareerBuilder contact. This information is available in the Your Account section on your CareerBuilder homepage.

AOL Job Alert FAQs

What is an AOL Job Alert?

An AOL Job Alert keeps you informed when new job openings are posted that match your search criteria. You can get a head start on the competition by choosing to be notified immediately when a new position is posted. On the other hand, if you don’t want to receive constant Job Alerts, you can change the alert timing to Daily or Weekly.

What job listings will be sent to me via AOL Job Alerts?

When you create a Job Alert, you choose a set of criteria for desired job matches. You can set up criteria by keyword, location, salary and other options. For example, you might choose to receive a job listing with the keyword "nurse" and location "Detroit, Michigan." When an employer posts a job with CareerBuilder that meets your criteria, the job posting will be sent to you via an AOL Job Alert.

How frequently can I receive AOL Job Alerts?

You can set up AOL Job Alerts to send you a list of matches immediately (job searches are performed every hour), daily or weekly. To change the frequency with which you are receiving your Job Alerts, please visit AOL Keyword: Job Alerts and edit by clicking the pencil icon in the Edit column.

How are AOL Job Alerts delivered to me?

You can receive a list of Job Alert matches online via instant message, email, pager or cell phone. To change delivery options or add a new device for your Job Alerts, go to the Job Alert management area (AOL Keyword: Job Alerts) and edit your preferences by clicking the pencil icon in the Edit column.

I set up an AOL Job Alert and have not received any alerts. How can I fix this?

Please visit your Job Alerts management area (AOL Keyword: Job Alerts) and click on the pencil icon under the Edit column next to the Job Alert you are having trouble with. Double-check your keywords for spelling mistakes and make sure your Job Alert criteria aren't too specific. You can widen your criteria by altering salary, education, category and location preferences.

Can all geographical locations be searched by job alerts?

Currently, only locations in the United States can be searched by AOL Job Alerts.

Why do other cities outside of my search show up in my results?

The average search area includes a 30-mile radius and is based on a geographic grid system. Depending on the location of your city in the grid area, your search may include locations that are much farther than 30 miles from your chosen city. Conversely, the results may be limited to an area smaller than a 30-mile radius.

How do I edit or delete AOL Job Alerts?

Editing a Job Alert

1. Sign in to your AOL Account using your Username and Password.

2. Click on the Jobs icon on the left-hand side of the homepage screen.

3. Click on the My CareerBuilder tab located towards the top of the page.

4. Scroll down to the Saved Searches section on the screen.

5. Click on the icon that looks like a pencil and paper on the left-hand side of the title of the alert.

6. Make any changes and then click on the Save Job Alert icon at the bottom of the screen.

Deleting a Job Alert

1. Sign on to your AOL account using your Username and Password.

2. Enter Career in the address bar of the AOL browser.

3. Click Go.

4. Click on Edit/Delete Alerts located in the center of the AOL Find a Job page.

5. Once the Manage Your Job Alerts page loads, click the Trash Can icon located in the Delete column.

6. A window will appear confirming your request to delete this Job Alert.

7. Click Delete This Job Alert.

Information for Employers

How do I post a job on AOL Jobs/My CareerBuilder?

Posting a job on CareerBuilder is a straightforward, intuitive process. However, there are many "tricks of the trade" you can employ to ensure that your posting not only is seen by as many job seekers as possible, but also that it is seen by the most relevant candidates.

To post a job on CareerBuilder:

1. From your My CareerBuilder page, select Create a New Job Posting.

2. From the Post a Job on CareerBuilder page, ensure that the correct product is selected to use, select the Country and then, if you are using a template, select the Template.

3. Once confirmed, click Continue at the bottom to begin posting.

4. From the posting form, continue to move through the posting, filling out the form as completely as possible. Try and sell your position and your company to job seekers!

Job posting tips

Job Title

  • Use simple, recognizable job titles.
  • Avoid abbreviations.
  • Space your words (i.e. Accounting/Finance -- enter it as “Accounting / Finance,” with spaces on either side of the “/”).

Job Categories and Industries

  • It is required that you select at least one job category and one industry, but you can select up to three for each section.
  • With each additional selection that applies to your position, you greatly increase the job seeker exposure to your posting.

Company Name

  • If you have purchased BrandBuilder (Company Profile), be sure to select it from the drop-down menu. The BrandBuilder attaches your logo to the posting and links the posting to a company profile page. If BrandBuilder was not purchased, you can enter you company name.
  • If you have purchased a Job Branding Skin, you can select this from the drop-down menu as well.

Job Location

  • Try out our Street Address Feature that allows job seekers to view the exact location of your facility.
  • If you have purchased a Priority City Posting, the City and State are required fields.

Job Description and Requirements

Include as much information as possible! The more precisely the job is detailed, the greater the likelihood that the applicants will be exactly who you are seeking. Here are some things you may think about including:

  • Information about the company, including background, financial strengths and culture
  • Responsibilities and duties
  • Position requirements
  • Benefits and perks
  • Location
  • Industry information
  • Relevant keywords

You may also consider using HTML formatting to bold, italicize and bullet lists to help accent specific parts of your posting. Utilization of our HTML tool bar at the top of the description and requirements sections can help you set your posting apart from the competition.

Candidate Screening

  • If you have a screener already created, you can select it from the drop-down menu.
  • You can also select requirements from this section.

Contact Information and Applying Options

  • Be sure to check the Allow Job Seekers to Apply via check box to allow job seekers the ability to submit their resumes directly to you through CareerBuilder.
  • If you have your own online application, you can also check the Allow Job Seekers to Apply via My Website check box and enter the link to the job posted on your website, which will redirect candidates to your website to apply.


  • Job seekers can search by base pay so include this section - even a ballpark estimate - to increase the exposure and appeal of your posting.

Posting Options

  • Auto-renewing is beneficial for hard-to-fill positions or those with a continual need.
  • If you have created an auto-response letter to send to candidates that apply to your job posting, you can select it from the drop-down menu.
  • Job ID is visible to job seekers that may want to reference your posting faster. You can see this when candidates apply on our website.
  • Customer account codes are for your internal use only.
  • All required areas are marked with an asterisk, but if you click continue without filling in a required area you will be prompted to fill in the specific area before continuing.
  • After filling out the posting form, click the Continue button to move to the confirmation page and then click Post Job to post or set a future start date for the position.

Still having trouble?

  • Make sure you have the proper job posting access on your account.
  • Make sure you have clicked the correct account with products you are trying to view.
  • For any other issues, please contact your dedicated CareerBuilder contact. This information is available on your My CareerBuilder page.
  • For information on purchasing product, please visit the Products tab and select Job Postings.

How do I search the AOL Jobs/My CareerBuilder Resume Database?

Within the AOL Jobs / My CareerBuilder Resume Database, you have access to search through the resumes of more than 32 million qualified job seekers. You'll be able to actively find candidates instead of waiting for them to come to you. To search through the Resume Database, please follow the instructions below:

1. Visit AOL Jobs / My CareerBuilder.

2. Log in to your CareerBuilder account.

3. Click on My CareerBuilder.

4. Click Resume Search near the top of the page.

Note: If you're trying to limit your search to a specific country, please select that country before continuing.

5. On the Search for Resumes page, search by keywords or use Resume Match to match candidates to a document that you already have created.

Searching by keyword

Keyword search allows you to run a simple search using any specific words or phrases you're looking for in a resume.

1. Enter any desired keywords into the keyword search field. Boolean phrases are supported.

2. Select Last Modified from the drop-down menu. This will sort the resume results by the most recently updated.

3. Enter the Location you're searching for. You can enter a city, state or ZIP code.

4. Click Search.

Finding recommendations with Resume Match

Resume Match is search technology that will match keywords and concepts from an uploaded document to resumes in our resume database.

1. Click Browse to choose a document to upload from your computer or copy and paste the document text into the field provided.

2. Enter the Location you're searching for. You can enter a city, state or ZIP code.

3. Click Search. The Resume Match will find any resumes based on the text you've provided.

On the results page, you can select additional search options on the left-hand side of the page, which can help you better target more desired candidates. Clicking on a resume title will allow you to view the resume in more detail. You can also preview, open in a new window, save, print, view similar, block or tag any resumes you've found.