Get to know AOL Mail in the AOL app for iOS devices. Below are some tips and tricks to help you get more familiar.

Note: AOL Mail in the AOL app for iOS devices will run on iOS 6 and above.

How do I search messages?

You can search your mail by using the Search box at the very top of your message list. Tap the search window and type what you're looking for.

Tablet: On a tablet, Search includes a filter tool.

1. Just above the Search window, tap the funnel icon with the word 'Filter' next to it.

2. Tap below the Search window to filter: All, From, To, and Subject.

How can I see more of my message list?

1. Tap the Settings (gear icon) button in the bottom navigation menu.
2. In the Settings menu, under Mail, tap Message Preview.
3. You can adjust your line spacing of your message list by tapping:

None: Sender Name, Subject
1 Line: Sender Name, Subject, 1 Line of Body Snippet
, or
2 Lines: Sender Name, Subject, 2 Lines of Body Snippet.

How do I sign out of my mail?

For iPhone:

1. Tap the Settings (gear icon) button in the bottom navigation menu.
2. Under Account Settings, tap Manage Accounts.
3. Tap Edit.
4. Tap Remove.

For tablets:

1. In the upper right, tap the gear wheel icon.

2. Tap Sign Out.

How do I delete one or multiple messages?

Use the boxes along the left side of the message list to select one or more messages.

To delete one message, tap the box beside it, then tap the Trash button at the bottom.

To delete multiple messages, tap the boxes beside them, then tap the Trash button at the bottom.

Can I attach photos or files to an email?

Photos: Yes! Files: no. (You can forward emails with attached files, but currently it's not possible to attach files to a message you compose.) You can attach a photo by either starting a new email or when you forward or reply to an email.

On the right side of the Subject field, tap the paper clip icon.

In the action menu that appears, you can select Take Photo or Video or Choose Existing.

Is there a Spell Check feature?

AOL Mail in the AOL app relies on the built-in spell checker that comes on your device. If you mistype a word, the auto-correct feature on your mobile device should fix it for you.

How do I save a photo that I received?

To save a photo, tap the attachment.

It should open. In the upper right, tap the sharing icon.

In the menu that appears, tap Save Image.

How do I send an email?

1. Tap the Pen icon.

2. In the To: field, enter an email address. As you type the first couple of letters, you'll see a list of contacts that match those letters. Tap the name/email address to add it. (If the name's not in your contacts, you won't see it.)

Note: You can jump directly to your Contacts list by tapping the Contact card icon on the right end of the To box.

Note: Distribution lists (Groups or Distros in your Contacts) are currently not accessible in the AOL app. Sorry for the inconvenience! We are working on this and we will show Groups in your Contacts list soon.

3. Enter the subject of your email in the Subject box and your message in the main box below.

4. When you’re ready to send your message, in the upper right, tap Send.

How do I forward an email?

In an open message, tap Forward at the bottom.

Note: You can forward messages with attachments of any kind (photos, files.)

How do I refresh my message list?

Expecting an email? On your message list, tap, hold, drag down, and release the list to refresh your mail and loading any new incoming messages.

Is there a Reply All option?

Yes! In the menu that appears at the bottom of the screen, tap Reply All.

In the To: field, you’ll see a list of everyone that received the original message. You can add additional recipients by entering their email address in the To box or you can remove people from the list by tapping their email address and then tapping the backspace (or delete button) on your mobile keyboard.

Add your message to the main box. When you’re ready to send your message, in the upper right, tap Send.

How do I move a message into a folder?

There are three quick and easy ways to move messages into folders.

1. Quick Actions menu: Swipe to the left on the message that you'd like to move. This will bring up the quick actions menu.

Tap the folder that says Move to and then select the folder that you'd like to move the message to.

2. In your message list: Tap the open box to the left of each message that you'd like to move.

In the menu at the bottom, tap the Folder icon. In the menu that appears, tap the folder you’d like to move the message into.

3. While Reading an Email: After you've read an email, you can move it into a folder by tapping More in the lower right.

In the menu that appears, tap Move to... and then tap the folder you’d like to move the message into.

How do I change my email signature?

To edit your email signature:
1. Tap the Settings (gear icon) button in the bottom navigation menu.
2. In the Settings menu, under Mail, tap Signature.
3. Tap the signature text box.
4. Enter your email signature.
5. Tap Done.

Does the app have push notifications?

Yes. You can adjust the push notifications through your device Settings.

1. Tap the Settings icon on your device's home screen.

2. Tap Notifications.

3. Scroll to the AOL app and tap it.
4. Tap the slider to turn notification on or off.

To silence notifications during a certain time period, use your iPhone's Do Not Disturb feature.

That's in Settings > Do Not Disturb > Scheduled (to set the timeframe.)

Can I save an email as a draft to finish later?

Yes! If you need to finish writing an email later, you can save the email to your Drafts folder. To save an email to your Drafts folder, in the email that you are composing, click the Cancel button in the upper left (Don't worry, this won't delete your message!).

In the menu that appears at the bottom, click Save Draft.

When you're ready to continue writing, tap your Drafts folder and then tap the saved draft.

Note: You won't be able to edit emails that you previously saved to your Drafts folder using a desktop or laptop only emails that you saved while using AOL Mail in the AOL app.

Can I use Favorites in the app?

Favorites are not part of the AOL app. Open Faves on your mobile browser at, and on your desktop at (the Heart icon at the top of the homepage). You can add the Faves bookmarklet to a desktop browser at

How do I provide feedback?

Have something to say? We want to hear it! We love hearing from people who use AOL Mail.

To send feedback:
1. Tap the Settings icon.
2. Under Support, tap Send Feedback.
3. Enter your email in the box provided and your feedback in the larger box on the bottom.
4. Click Submit.