What is AOL OnePoint?

AOL OnePoint is an all-in-one security dashboard – storing all of your online passwords and providing one-click, secure log-in to your favorite sites. For more information, please visit onepoint.aol.com.

Is AOL OnePoint free?

AOL OnePoint is included in certain AOL Advantage Plans at no additional cost.

Am I eligible for AOL OnePoint?

Certain AOL Advantage Plans are eligible for AOL OnePoint. To view what your AOL Plan has to offer, check out your personalized AOL MyBenefits page at mybenefits.aol.com.

How do I download AOL OnePoint?

To download AOL OnePoint visit onepoint.aol.com and click Download Now. Then follow the on-screen instructions. For more detailed step-by-step instructions, visit our article Installing AOL OnePoint.

Alternatively, you can download AOL OnePoint from mybenefits.aol.com. Simply sign in with your Username or Email and Password. Next, locate the AOL OnePoint plan feature, and then click Download Now. Follow the on-screen instructions to begin installing.

How do I install AOL OnePoint?

For more information on how to install AOL OnePoint, please follow the instructions in our help article Installing and Uninstalling AOL OnePoint.

How does AOL OnePoint work?

Once downloaded, AOL OnePoint securely stores your usernames and passwords and gives you one-click log-in to your password-protected accounts from an easy-to-use dashboard.

AOL OnePoint uses:

  • Advanced encryption technology – AOL OnePoint encrypts your passwords, usernames and credit card information securely on your PC. So even if your PC is lost or stolen, your passwords remain safe.
  • Proactive monitoring – AOL OnePoint proactively monitors and approves over 8,000 websites regularly and maintains a list of secure sites to prevent you from being redirected to a malicious website. It also fights phishing scams so you have fewer worries about losing your identity online.
  • Secure connection – AOL OnePoint connects your accounts through a secure connection and does it without typing. So the usual chances for crooks to snoop and steal your information are bypassed.

Will AOL OnePoint work on my computer?

PC Users: Windows 7, Windows Vista (32 or 64-bit version), Windows XP with service pack 2 (32-bit only) or higher. If you are running Windows XP and haven’t upgraded to Microsoft.net 3.0, the AOL OnePoint setup process will install it for you. This may take a few extra minutes depending on your internet connection.

Web Browser: Internet Explorer 7 or later, Firefox version 11 or later, or Google Chrome version 18 or later.

PC: 600 MHz or faster processer, 512 MB RAM minimum, recommended 1 GB, 40 MB storage memory.

Can I use AOL OnePoint on more than one computer?

You can install AOL OnePoint on up to five PCs.

How many accounts can I protect with my AOL OnePoint?

You can store an unlimited number of accounts and credit cards, including your AOL account with your AOL OnePoint.

Note: AOL OnePoint will not store AOL Desktop log in and password information.

Can I add two different accounts at the same financial institution or website to my AOL OnePoint?

Yes. Your AOL OnePoint will automatically assign a numeric suffix so that a second account added for the same website is added as 'Bank of America 2' or 'Google 2'. You can always change the name of a saved account by right clicking on the account name in the list and selecting Rename from the menu.

How do I get customer support for AOL OnePoint?

To contact customer support, visit aolhelp.whiteskyservices.com/support where you can send an email, open a support request or chat with a support representative.

What happens to my AOL OnePoint benefit if I change my AOL Advantage Plan or cancel my AOL account?

Only certain AOL Advantage Plans are eligible for AOL OnePoint.

If you change to an AOL Advantage Plan that does not include AOL OnePoint, you may continue using AOL OnePoint for a limited time.

If you choose to cancel your AOL membership, this will also cancel AOL OnePoint. If the cancellation is pending your next billing date, AOL OnePoint will remain active until the cancellation of your AOL account is complete.