If you tried to order AOL Security Essentials but you received an error message instead, there are a variety of reasons that could explain why this happened.

Members who have an active AOL Advantage Plan are not eligible because your plan already includes one or more of the products provided in the AOL Security Essentials subscription. Please visit your mybenefits.aol.com page to view the products and services included in your plan. If you need help activating the products and services on your AOL Plan, check out our help article AOL MyBenefits FAQs.

Members who have an active subscription to one or more of the products included in AOL Security Essentials will not be able to purchase the subscription either. You can view your active subscriptions at myaccount.aol.com or you can contact us at 1-866-485-9217 Monday through Friday between 1AM and 1AM ET and Saturdays 8AM-10PM ET.

Note: AOL Security Essentials is no longer available for purchase.