AOL offers Tech support to our members to keep your online life running smoothly, and your information protected. Tech support from AOL is included in your AOL membership, and is not an additional charge to you. Unfortunately there are third party vendors who advertise that they can, and will, resolve any of your AOL related technical issues. These vendors are not at all related to AOL, or any of our AOL products.

Third party vendors charge for their services, and are not endorsed or recommended by AOL. For any technical support or assistance with AOL products, you should refer strictly to AOL websites and sources to avoid incurring a fee from third party services claiming to offer AOL support.

To resolve your tech-related issues, please contact AOL Tech Support at 1-800-827-6364

For more information about other scams and how to avoid them, please consult these FAQs.

How do I know I’m using an AOL site?

When looking for tech support from AOL, there are a few things you can check to make sure you are using AOL resources, and not a third party vendor.

  • Check the URL, it should always end in
  • Check to make sure the website you are visiting has our current logo.

What types of scams are out there? / What do I do about email scams?

Protect yourself from internet scams

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