IMPORTANT! AOL TechGuru support just got even better. AOL has created a whole new approach to tech support and given it a brand new name. It’s called Assist by AOL, and starting in September 2015, TechGuru will be merging with Assist by AOL. Now AOL TechGuru customers can benefit from all of the services offered by Assist. 

Interested in Assist by AOL? Visit for more information.

Already have AOL TechGuru? Learn more about how this impacts your subscription in our help article, AOL TechGuru is now Assist by AOL

AOL TechGuru is perfect for your mobile device, personal computer, or family. All you have to do is call and one of our technical experts, who will identify trouble spots; improve and enhance system performance; update operating systems and software; assist in setting up wireless connections; remove viruses; and fix system crashes by remotely accessing your computer via your internet connection. To learn more about what TechGuru has to offer, check out our frequently asked questions.


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Do I need to download TechGuru?

TechGuru does not require a product to be downloaded. Instead, you will be asked to install a remote computer application that allows our technical experts to remotely access your computer via the internet. You’ll always be in control of the remote session and can remove the program after your issue is resolved.

Here is how TechGuru works:

1. Call. Phone one of our U.S.- and Canada-based tech gurus and describe the computer problem or assistance you need.

2. Connect. Our expert will guide you through a quick process to install software that enables our experts to remotely work on your computer over the internet.

3. Fix. Sit back, relax and watch while our tech guru takes care of your computer.

4. Disconnect. You control the connection between you and our tech guru. Once your computer has been fixed, simply disconnect the remote connection. For added security, our remote technology software automatically uninstalls from your computer.

On how many computers can I use TechGuru?

The TechGuru service or subscription plan you purchased will determine the number of computers with which you can use TechGuru. If you forgot the service or subscription plan you purchased, go to and sign in with your master Username or Email and Password, then type the answer to your Account Security Question and click Continue. Under Service Options, click Manage My AOL Account to view the TechGuru service package you purchased.


TechGuru service plan
Number of computers
Diagnose & Repair
Computer Tune Up
1 (not available for Mac)
Tune Up Value Plan
1 (not available for Mac)
Virus Removal & Repair
Total Support Plan
Printer Setup
Scanner Setup
Apple Device Setup
1 iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc.)
Android Device Setup
1 Android v2.0 and higher (with Windows PC USB connection)
Wireless Network Setup
Up to 3 PCs
Total Support Plan1
Total Support Family Plan

What kind of internet connection do I need for TechGuru?

You will need a working internet connection (through dial-up, broadband or Wi-Fi connection) to receive TechGuru services. The Android Device Setup and Training, Apple Device Setup and Wireless Network Setup service plans will require Wi-Fi.

Is TechGuru compatible with my computer?

To view your computer’s compatibility with TechGuru services click the link below for the service you want. On the product detail page click the Specifications tab to check out that plan’s system requirements:

Does TechGuru have any advanced features?

For a complete description of what TechGuru has to offer, please visit Lifestore and browse through the Computer Setup and Technical Support categories to view our TechGuru services and subscription plans.

How do I get technical support for TechGuru?

If you need technical support, call 1-866-772-6159.

How do I view my billing information and history?

To view billing information/history:

1. Visit and sign in with your master Username or Email and Password.

2. Enter the answer to your Account Security Question and click Continue.

3. Under Account Options, click View My Statements.

4. Select the Billing Statement tab to view the billing history for your account.

If you have questions about your billing information, call us at 1-866-485-9217 Monday through Friday between 8AM to 1AM ET, and Saturday between 8AM and 10PM ET.

How do I cancel AOL TechGuru?

To cancel your Lifestore product, please read the Lifestore FAQs help article.

What is Lifestore?

Lifestore is a website that lets you browse, research and purchase AOL products. It also allows you to open and maintain an online account that helps you manage, add or cancel subscriptions to products. Please note that we may add, change or discontinue offers for products at any time. Check out the Lifestore Terms of Service for more information.

What is AOL Fulfillment Services?

AOL Fulfillment Services is a subsidiary of the AOL Family that handles billing and customer service relationships with AOL’s third-party vendors. To find out more information, read About AOL Fulfillment Services.