IMPORTANT! AOL TechGuru support just got even better. AOL has created a whole new approach to tech support and given it a brand new name. It’s called Assist by AOL, and starting in September 2015, TechGuru will be merging with Assist by AOL. Now AOL TechGuru customers can benefit from all of the services offered by Assist. 

Interested in Assist by AOL? Visit for more information.

Already have AOL TechGuru? Learn more about how this impacts your subscription in our help article, AOL TechGuru is now Assist by AOL

AOL TechGuru provides remote technical support for you, your family or your small business. TechGuru offers a number of services and subscription plans that will assist with technical setup, identify trouble spots, improve and enhance system performance, update operating systems and software, remove viruses and fix system crashes at a moment’s notice, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All you have to do is call and a US or Canada based technical expert will remotely access your computer and fix the problem.


  • Diagnose and Repair: With Diagnose & Repair, one of our tech gurus will remotely access your computer and use the latest diagnostic and resolution techniques to troubleshoot and resolve your computer problems. Our gurus will increase performance by removing unneeded files and system functions that take up memory, hard disk space and computing power, as well as adjusting settings to improve data processing and internet browsing speed.
  • Virus Removal & Repair: With Virus Removal & Repair, one of our tech gurus will diagnose and remove viruses, spyware and other malware. The expert will also restore your antivirus protection and tune up your computer to enhance performance by removing unnecessary files and operating system functions and adjust key settings.

Total Support Plan

The Total Support Plan provides you with ongoing support for your computer. Your support includes on-demand service for almost any computer problem, big or small, from setup help to connection issues to virus removal.

Total Support Family Plan

The Total Support Family service plan is ideal for households with multiple computers. Our reliable technical experts will identify and fix whatever is causing problems on your computer, from viruses to setup to connection issues.

Computer Tune Up

With Computer Tune Up, one of our tech gurus will optimize key settings on your PC; remove unwanted trialware and startup programs; configure Windows to automatically install the latest updates; and schedule disk fragmentation to run automatically.

Tune Up Value Plan

Tune Up Value Plan software is installed onto your computer to help perform regular, automatic tune ups to your PC on an ongoing basis to make sure you have the latest operating system updates for both performance and security. In addition to your Tune Up software, you’re also entitled to call one of our tech experts for live performance optimization assistance up to four times per year.


  • Printer Setup: With Printer Setup, one of our tech gurus will walk you through how to attach your printer to your computer, install your printer software and/or solve problems you may have with an old printer.
  • Scanner Setup: With Scanner Setup, one of our tech gurus will guide you through how to attach a scanner to your computer, install scanner software and/or solve problems you may have with an old scanner.
  • Apple Device Setup: The Apple Device Setup service will configure your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch to make full use of your wireless network. Our technical experts will set up your Apple device to use WiFi, attach it to your computer and configure your email accounts to send and receive email. Additionally, our technical experts will ensure you can download apps, music and movies from the iTunes store directly to your Apple mobile device.
  • Android Device Setup: The Android Setup service will configure your Android mobile device (phone or pad) and teach you how to use the key features. Our technical experts will set up your mobile device to use WiFi and configure your email account to send and receive email. Additionally, they will teach you how to download and install apps and browse the internet.
  • Wireless Network Setup: The Wireless Network Setup service provides the help you need to set up and configure a secure wireless home network for one computer and two devices of your choice, such as an additional computer, printer, scanner or network-attached storage device. An AOL technical expert will help with setup, network security, configuration and file sharing for printers, computers and other network devices.