Tip icon.This error message relates to the following errors: ERR1801, ERR101, ERR125, ERR136, and ERR140.

You'll usually see the BLERK! ERROR 4 message when there's a problem loading your AOL Mail. Though this is often a temporary issue, there are a few steps you can take to get your back in to your mail quicker.

Restart your browser

Sometimes the old "turn it off and on again" solution actually works! Just close out whatever browser you use, then start it back up again. Once the browser has been restarted, go to mail.aol.com and enter your username and password.

Adjust firewall settings

If your computer is protected by a firewall, this may prevent your mail from loading properly. From the firewall software on your computer or router, check the following:

* Disable any "web filtering" options

* Make sure it does expressly allow "http://*.aol.com"

* Make sure it does not expressly block "http://*.aol.com"

Clear cache on a web browser

If your computer gets overloaded with stored data, it can cause your system to run slowly or web pages to load incorrectly. To delete these saved files and free more disk space on your computer, clear the cache on your web browser.

Adjust Internet Explorer privacy settings

If you're using Internet Explorer, make sure the privacy setting is set to "Medium," or the default setting. Sometimes if the privacy setting is set to "High," it can prevent the mailbox from loading properly.