You may not be able to send emails to a particular email address or you may receive the error message "This is not a known AOL member." Given below are some solutions to resolve this issue. After trying the first solution, check whether you can send emails to that particular email address. If you are still unable to send emails to that particular email address, continue using the suggested solutions until the problem is fixed.

Note: Before trying the steps below, sign in to using a different browser and try sending an email from there.

Before we get started, are you trying to send an email with an attachment?


Check whether the email address is typed correctly

An email address in general must be typed correctly with no spaces and with the @ symbol in the correct place, for example,

When considering an AOL email address in particular, the screen name is the part of the email address that appears before the @ symbol, that is,

Valid AOL email addresses cannot
  • Be shorter than 3 or longer than 16 characters.
  • Begin with numbers.
  • Contain punctuation of any kind (such as periods, underscores, exclamation marks, or dashes).

Check whether the email address meets all the above criteria.


Check for returned email

The email that you sent may have been returned along with a mailer-daemon error report containing the error message "550 <username> is not accepting mail from this sender" after you send an email to that particular email address. This indicates that your email address has been blocked on the basis of the spam control or privacy settings set by the owner of that particular email account.

If the email address that you are trying to send emails to is an AOL email address, check with the person you are trying to send emails to. It is possible your email address or screen name got blocked inadvertently when mail controls were set up. However, if the email address is not an AOL email address, please ask the owner of that particular email account to contact his/her email service provider for more information on how to change privacy settings for his/her email account.


Contact the recipient

Contact the recipient by any means other than email to verify the status of his/her email service. In some cases, the recipient's email program may have been configured incorrectly or his/her email service may not be active. Verify with the recipient that the settings for his/her email program are not blocking your email address. You may also check with the recipient to verify whether the email address is still valid and able to receive email.


Check whether you can send an email to another email address

Try sending an email to a known good address such as your own to verify whether your email program is functioning properly.