AOL has made some important updates to AOL Mail, including how your inbox may function. These changes only affect users who have the New/Old Inbox style enabled, but you can always change to the Unified Inbox style to regain some functions.

Where did my emails go?

Once you've read an email, it will automatically go in the "Old Mail" folder. If you want to keep it in the "New Mail" folder, just click Keep as New.

Why are my read emails still bold?

Once you read a message, it no longer stays bold. However, if you choose to move a read message back to the "New Mail" folder, it will return to being bold. All messages in the "New Mail" folder will function as an unread message

Why can't I sort by column header?

Unfortunately, the ability to sort by "From," "Subject," or "Date" is no longer supported if you use the New/Old style of inbox. You can, however, switch to the Unified Inbox style to sort emails.