Cookies and cache are temporary internet files stored on your computer to keep track of sites you’ve visited. Cookies and cache are meant to allow faster access to data and store site preferences. These files usually have an expiration date so they clear on their own, but you always have the option of clearing them manually. Follow the steps below to clear your cookies, cache and history in Safari.

To clear your cookies, cache and history in Safari:

1. Open Safari.
2. Click the Safari menu and then click Preferences….

Safari Preferences

3. Select Security, and then click Show Cookies.


4. Select the cookies that you'd like to remove and then click either Remove or Remove All.

Remove or Remove All

5. If prompted to confirm removing the cookies, click Remove All.

Remove All

6. Click Done.


7. Exit our of the Security window.
8. Click the Safari menu again, and then click Empty Cache....
9. If prompted to confirm emptying your cache, click Empty.

Empty cache

10. Click the History menu, and then click Clear History....

clear history

11. If prompted to confirm clearing your history, click Clear.