You can create an AOL Username or email address to access various AOL services like AOL VoiceMail, AOL Call Alert, AOL software, etc. Your AOL Username can also be used to access your AIM account or any additional AIM services. AOL provides you with the convenience of creating an account in just a couple of minutes. You can create an AOL or AIM account by either using the AOL CD or going to the AOL website.

Note: For instructions on how to create an AOL account from, refer to our online help article FAQs

Create an account using the AOL CD

1. Close all open applications, and then insert an AOL CD into the CD drive.

2. Click Continue in English.

3. When prompted, click OK.

4. Click the New Members button.

5. The installation will take a few minutes to complete.

6. Once the installation is complete, the software helps you to connect to the Internet.

7. Type the registration number and password, and then click the Next button.

Note: The registration number and password can be found in the AOL information packet that comes with the AOL CD.


Follow the on-screen instructions to create a new AOL account.

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