AutoComplete is a feature that enables the browser to remember what you enter in the address bar or on a webpage. As you’re typing an address, AutoComplete will suggest possible matches. It’s like your best friend who finishes your sentences! This is convenient when you visit certain websites frequently, but it can also pose a security risk if you’re using a shared computer. Disabling the AutoComplete feature helps alleviate this risk.

To disable AutoComplete in Internet Explorer and Firefox, visit our online help article Disable the AutoComplete feature. To learn how to disable AutoComplete in the AOL software, please read below.

To disable the AutoComplete feature in the AOL software:
1. Close all open webpages.
2. Go to AOL Keyword: Toolbar Settings.
3. Clear the Auto-complete AOL keywords and Web Addresses using My History Trail or Auto-complete keyword and web address entries check box.
4. Click Save.