When signing in to AOL Mail, you may get a message indicating your account is no longer active. While it may be that your account was used in a way that violated our terms of service, or you deleted the account, the most common reason is that the account was deleted for being inactive.

According to the Terms of Service, free accounts must be signed in to at least once every 90 days to stay active. If you don't sign in, your account will be deactivated for inactivity. When this happens, new messages won't be delivered to your inbox and will be bounced back to the server.

If you sign in between 90 and 180 days, your account will be reactivated and will start receiving mail again. The account will function normally, however any mail you received during the time the account was deactivated will not be there.

After 180 days of no activity, your account will be permanently deactivated and any saved data will be deleted. Once this happens, there's no way to retrieve this info and you will need to create a new account to continue using AOL Mail.