What happened to Verizon Your Domain?

On January 31, 2018, Verizon ended the Verizon Your Domain program. To resume receiving email in connection with your custom domain, you will need to either move your custom domain email service to Yahoo Small Business (a brand of Oath, a Verizon company) or another provider of your choice. Follow this link to get started with Yahoo Small Business.

Will this affect my verizon.net email?

No. You will still be able to send and receive messages using your verizon.net email account.

Will I be able to access my Your Domain mail after January 31, 2018?

The emails you received to Your Domain email address will still be visible in your verizon.net inbox after January 31, 2018. If you move your custom domain email to Yahoo Small Business or another provider, you will be able to receive and access any new emails sent to your email address using your new service.

How can I get mail at my domain now that Your Domain is gone?

Yahoo Small Business offers custom domain email through the Business Mail service, with plans from 1 to 1000 mailboxes. You may also sign up for email service for your custom domain from other third-party providers.

Do I still own my domain?

Yes, this doesn't affect your domain ownership.

Do I need to change my domain settings to use Yahoo Small Business or another provider?

Yes, after signing up for Yahoo Small Business email you’ll need to update your domain’s MX records to the following:

Host: mx-biz.mail.am0.yahoodns.net Priority: 10

If you choose another provider, they will tell you the updated MX record settings for their service.

Please contact your domain registrar if you need help updating your domain’s MX records.

How do I access my Yahoo Small Business email after signing up?

You can access your custom domain email new Yahoo Small Business email account using a web browser or any email application.