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How do I look up a stock quote?

Having trouble finding a stock quote? AOL Finance makes it super simple to find the information you need.

Just follow the instructions below:

1. Visit AOL Finance.​

a. In the Markets module, enter your desired company name or ticket symbol into the search field.
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b. Click Get Quote.You will be redirected to the quotes search page. If your entered search matches a stock symbol or company in our system, you will see it in the search results.
2. You can also look up a stock quote by visiting the Quotes page.

a. Where it says ‘Enter a Stock Symbol,’ enter your desired company name or ticker symbol.
Note: As you start typing, we will build a quick reference list based on your input. This list will display under the search bar with popular results based on what you're looking for.
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b. Press 'return' (Enter key) on your keyboard, click the blue 'Search for' link at the bottom of the results list, or select the result you're looking for in the displayed list. If your entered search matches a stock symbol or company in our system, you will see it in the search results.
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What information does the Stock Quote page include?

The Stock Quote page includes detailed charting, news, and fundamental data. The page displays relevant numbers including previous close price, the daily change, the 52-week range, yield, market cap, company profile, competitors, ownership dividends, key stats, market data, short interest, Wall Street recommendation, and filings. In addition, you will be able to view Morningstar Commentary which includes the latest stock and market news.

  • Stocks
    • Quote
    • Key Statistics
    • Industry Peers
    • Insiders
    • Filings
    • Performance
    • Financials
      • Income Statement
      • Balance Sheet
      • Cash Flow
    • Company Profile
      • Business Description
      • Industry Classification
      • Operation Details
    • Valuation
      • ​Wall Street Estimates
  • Mutual Funds & ETFs
    • Quote
    • Chart
    • Operation
    • Ratings & Risk
    • Portfolio
    • Tax Analysis
    • Performance
    • Filings

What does the Advanced Chart include?

Key Features:

  • Historical charting going back 10 years for daily, weekly, and monthly frequencies; and intraday 1 and 5 day chart for the current or most recent trading day down to the minute frequency level
  • Compare to other instruments or market indexes
  • Chart types include Line, Area, Dot, Above/Below, OHLC, LHC, Candlestick, % Growth, 10K Growth
  • Earnings, Dividends, and Split Events
  • Technical Indicators (as overlay or lower charts): Momentum, Rate of Change, Fast Stochastics, Slow Stochastics, On Balance Volume, Williams %R, MACD, Volume Price Trend, Relative Strength Index, Bollinger Bands, Previous Close Line, Simple Moving Average, Weighted Moving Average, Parabolic SAR

Why can't I find my ticker symbol?

If you are receiving a message stating "Quote Data Unavailable,” it may be due to the following:

  • The ticker has been delisted or it has undergone a ticker change
  • The ticker is an unsupported penny stock
  • The ticker belongs to an unsupported asset class