Whether you want to know more about a current or upcoming movie, or movies on video and DVD, you can view movie pages that include a synopsis, showtimes, trailers and clips, reviews, photos and news.

To view individual movie pages, click the title of the movie for which you want more information. If you can't find a movie on the home page, use the search function found in the header.

Movie pages include the following tabs:

  • Movie Main: Includes information about the starring actors, the release date, the run time, the genre, a synopsis, any related news, as well as user reviews (to which you can add your own, if you're signed in) for the movie. If the movie is currently playing in theaters, the Main tab will also display a list of the theaters near you where the movie is playing (along with corresponding showtimes).
  • Trailers & Clips: Contains links to watch the movie trailer and any clips from the movie that may be available.
  • Showtimes & Tickets: Displays a list of theaters near you where the movie is playing.
  • Cast/Crew & Credits: Shows all casting information for the movie.
  • Plot & Details: Contains a detailed synopsis of the movie and movie info (starring actors, release date, MPAA rating, run time, distributor, director, genre, themes, etc.).
  • Reviews: Offers critics' reviews and ratings.
  • Awards: Displays any awards for which the movie has been nominated or has won.