Ever wanted to share a funny picture with a friend? Sending and receiving pictures through instant messages (IM) is easy using AIM.

While using AIM you can:

Send pictures to your buddies

Please note: You and your buddy must be online to exchange pictures. We recommend not accepting pictures from people you don’t know, as the pictures could contain a virus or other harmful programs.

Here’s how to send pictures to your buddies:

1. Sign on to AOL Desktop 9.6.

2. Send an IM to your buddy.

3. Click the Send Picture button in the IM window.


4. Read the disclaimer about setting up an Instant Images direct connection session and if you’d like to proceed, click Yes.


Note: Your buddy has the option to accept or decline your invitation.

5. Find the picture that you’d like to share and then click the box to the left of the thumbnail.

thumbnail box

6. Click Insert. If you’d like to share more than one photo, click Add and repeat the instructions. If you want to remove a picture, click Delete.

7. When you’re ready to share your picture, click Send.

send pictures

Receive or decline pictures from your buddies

1. Sign on to AOL Desktop 9.6.

2. If you get an invitation to join an Instant Images direct connection session and would like to accept it, click Accept. If you would like to decline, click Decline.

proceeding options

3. You can view the image in a larger window by clicking View Larger or save it to your computer by clicking Save.

save image

Congratulations! Now you know how to share your funny pictures with your friends and family through instant messages.