There are several reasons why you would get messages from 265060 - 265068 or 265080 - 265088. Below are some of the reasons why you would get these messages and how to stop them.

To stop all future messages from AOL, text STOPALL to 265022, and then visit

To block an individual sender only,  reply BLOCK to the text message you received.

For 265080 - 265088:

If you're receiving unwanted messages from 265080, 265081, 265082, 265083, 265084, 265085, 265086, 265087, or 265088; your phone is registered for IM Forwarding.
Perhaps you signed up for IM Forwarding and someone you don’t know is sending you unwanted messages: You can change your IM Forwarding settings so that only your buddies can contact you with IM Forwarding when you’re offline or mobile. Here's how:
  • In the registered mobile device window, check Buddy List. Usernames on my buddy list by clicking on it.

Perhaps you're getting messages intended for someone else: Your mobile number might have been recycled, which means that it once belonged to another person. That person probably used IM Forwarding in AIM.

IM Forwarding sends IMs to a mobile phone whenever the user is offline and that user may have neglected to turn off the service before switching numbers. So now you’re getting that person’s IMs! Please text STOPALL to 265022 and then, if you don't wish to use IM Forwarding, visit to block all future messages from AOL.

Note: If you then wish to use IM Forwarding for your Username (after texting STOPALL to 265022 for the Username that's not yours), visit and click SIGN IN / REGISTER.

Perhaps you've decided you don't want to use IM Forwarding anymore: Sign in to, and
then click the Delete button next to your phone number.

Perhaps one of your  buddy's AIM accounts was compromised: Let your buddy know to change the password on his/her AOL/AIM account or to contact us.

For 265080 - 265088:

If you received a text message from the number 265060, 265061, 265062, 265063, 265064, 265065, 265066, 265067, or 265068; someone sent you a message by directly inputting your number into AIM. One of your friends might be trying to text you.

 If you don't want to receive text messages through AIM, text STOPALL to 265022. You can also reply to an unwanted message with the word BLOCK. This will block all messages from that sender.