Note: Upgrade to the latest version of the AOL Desktop software to take advantage of great new features!

The AOL Desktop Software has multiple versions. When updates are released, subversions are created. Some features are specific to the subversion of AOL Desktop, and require different troubleshooting steps. Depending on when you updated your AOL Desktop software last you could be using a different version than you think.

To determine which version of the AOL Desktop Software you’re using, follow these steps:

1. Launch the AOL Desktop Software.

Note: You don't need to sign in.

2. In the menu bar, click Help and select About AOL or About America Online

3. The About AOL or About America Online window will open, displaying the version of the AOL Desktop Software that you're currently using.

AOL Desktop 9.6

4. You will see a Revision Number. This number may be up to eight digits. Use this number, with the chart below, to determine which version of AOL Desktop 9.7 you have.

Revision Number

Desktop Version


AOL Desktop 9.7.4


AOL Desktop 9.7.3


AOL Desktop 9.7.2


AOL Desktop 9.7.1


AOL Desktop 9.7.0