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AOL access phone numbers are the telephone numbers that your modem dials to connect you to the AOL service. AOL provides an AOL access phone number look-up site, which allows you to find access numbers for your location.

Warning: You will incur charges on your phone bill if you select an AOL access phone number that is a long-distance call or is not covered by your local calling plan. Please check with your local phone company to determine whether the access phone numbers you select are local for your calling plan. Remember that members on certain plans may be charged an hourly rate for dial-up connections. See AOL Keyword: My Account for your price details.


AOL access phone number look-up

You can also find access numbers for your area using the AOL Access Number Look-up page.

1. Visit

2. Select your state from the first drop-down box.

3. Select your city from the drop-down box. If your city is not listed, please select the next closest location.

4. A list of available AOL access numbers will display. Please use an AOL access number with a location nearest to you.

Manually add access phone numbers

You can add new access phone numbers to the list of phone numbers used by your AOL Desktop software at any time. This is especially helpful if you travel with your computer or have connection issues when using the AOL service.

Please click the link corresponding to the version of ACS on your computer for instructions to add new access numbers.