If you’re not interested in participating in pop-up surveys you can simply Enable pop-up blocker to block all survey pop-ups. You also have the option of opting out of a pop-up survey depending on the survey you receive: VoiceFive or Question Market.


To opt out of the VoiceFive survey:
1. Go to voicefive.com/Privacy.aspx.
2. Scroll down to the section Are cookies used by your website or your application?
3. Click the Click here link.

A cookie that will block pop-up surveys from VoiceFive will be placed on your computer.

Question Market

To opt out of the Question Market survey:
1. Go to www.safecount.net/viewyourcookiesinformation_optinout.php.
2. Click Consumer Opt-Out.

Safecount will place a cookie on your computer to block pop-up surveys from Question Market.