Want to see all your messages in one place? The Unified Inbox displays all your mail in one inbox and not in separate New Mail and Old Mail folders. Emails in the Unified Inbox are listed by date with the latest messages at the top.

To Switch to the Unified Inbox:

1. Visit inbox.aol.com/mail/changeMailboxStyle?style=self.

2. At the bottom of the page, click Switch to Inbox.

Switch to Inbox

Below are examples of the unified Inbox.

AOL Desktop Software

AOL Desktop Software


AOL Mail for the Web

AOL Inbox

Tada! You now have the Unified Inbox. If you find that you miss having your new and old mail separated, you can switch back to the New/Old Inbox by going to http://inbox.aol.com/mail/changeMailboxStyle?style=auto and clicking the Switch to New/Old button at the bottom of the page.