Uninstalling the AOL Desktop Software removes all Usernames and settings associated with AOL Desktop; however, your Personal Filing Cabinet files will automatically be stored on the desktop in a folder named Saved on AOL.

IMPORTANT: If you have saved your AOL password on the AOL Desktop Software, ensure that you remember your password before you uninstall the AOL Desktop Software because uninstalling the software will delete your saved password. If you don’t remember your password, we recommend that you change your password before proceeding any further. To do so, you will need to remember the answer to your Account Security Question (ASQ) to be able to change your password. You can change your ASQ if you don’t remember the answer to it. For instructions on how to change your password or ASQ, refer to the following help articles:

Please click the link corresponding to the version of Windows on your computer for instructions to uninstall the AOL Desktop Software.

Note: If you are unable to uninstall the AOL Desktop Software, visit our help article AOL Desktop Software: Installing and Uninstalling for more information.