If you've updated to AOL Desktop Gold and are having problems with your Flash player, updating your Flash player to the latest version should fix the issue.

Note: If you haven't updated to the latest version of the AOL Desktop Gold, you can update here. However, you'll still need to update your Flash player using the instructions below.

To update your Flash player:

1. Open your AOL Desktop Gold web browser and navigate to https://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/otherversions/.

2.In the top drop-down menu, select your computer's operating system.

Flash Select Operating System

3. In the bottom drop-down menu, select the latest version of Flash Player for Chromium - PPAPI.

Select Browser Type

4. On the right side, click Download now.

5. Once the file has downloaded, click the notification at the bottom of your browser window, and then click Show in Folder.

Show in Finder

6. Double click on the Flash player install file (.exe) to start the installation.

Note: If you receive a Windows security warning based on your Operating System settings, please approve the installation.

Flash Player exe file

7. Follow the installation process until the new version of Flash has been installed.

8. Please restart AOL Desktop Gold in order to complete the installation.