Before restoring files, make sure your PC has enough free disk space to accommodate the entire backup set. The default location to place files is in a Restored Files folder on your PC desktop. This is recommended unless you are recovering lost files.

1. Visit Norton Online Backup.

2. Click Sign in.

3. Enter your Norton Online Backup email address and password. 

Note: This is a separate password from your AOL password. If you have forgotten your password, click the Have Trouble Signing In? link and follow the instructions to reset your Norton Online Backup password.

4. Locate the computer backup you want to restore files from.

5. Next to the computer backup you want to restore files from, click the Files Action menu | select Restore Files.

User-added image

6. If you want to change the default settings options, click on Show Options.

Image of the options for Restore Files.

7. Under "Restore Files," select an option for restoring your files.

8. Click Restore Files to begin the download.