This article is to assist you in uninstalling the AOL Toolbar 4.0 and in verifying whether the AOL Toolbar 4.0 has been successfully installed.

You may wish to print or save a copy of these instructions as this page may not remain visible as you go through the suggested steps.

Uninstall AOL Toolbar

You can use the AOL Uninstaller to uninstall the AOL Toolbar 4.0.

To uninstall AOL Toolbar 4.0:
1. On the AOL Toolbar in the Internet Explorer window, click the down arrow next to the AOL logo, select Help, then click Uninstall.
2. Under Application Name, click the AOL Toolbar 4.0 box to place a check mark in it, then click the Uninstall button.
3. Click the Yes button when prompted to confirm the uninstallation.

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Verify Installation

After downloading and installing AOL Toolbar 4.0, it will be listed in the Internet Explorer Toolbar menu.

To verify installation of the AOL Toolbar 4.0 software:
Click the Internet Explorer View menu, select Toolbars, then determine if AOL Toolbar is listed.

Note: A check mark next to AOL Toolbar indicates that it is enabled.

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