Ever since AOL and Bebo’s decision to part ways, you might have noticed a switch away from seeing a friend’s Bebo profile to seeing their Lifestream Updates instead. Lifestream brings you your friend’s Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and other updates on one page.

You’ve got updates on Lifestream, too—which is what your friends see. If you’d like, you can sign in and see what this looks like at lifestream.aol.com. You can update Facebook, Flickr and other social sharing sites all from this one spot.

Finally, if you’d still like to check up on a user’s Bebo profile, no problem. Just go to www.bebo.com. Your profile’s still there as well. And if you’d like more information on Bebo, please visit http://www.bebo.com/c/about/help.

Thanks for using AOL to stay connected!

Will my Bebo data change?

You can check up on your Bebo profile by going to www.bebo.com. Your profile’s still there. And if you’d like more information on Bebo, please visit http://www.bebo.com/c/about/help.

How do I edit my profile in Lifestream?

1. Go to http://lifestream.aol.com/, and then sign in with your email address or Username and password.

2. Click Edit in the Profile section.

3. Enter your details in this window, select your privacy preferences, and then click Save.

How do I make my profile public/private in Lifestream?

1. Go to http://lifestream.aol.com/settings. Services you have added are listed under Services currently in your Lifestream.

2. Click the drop down menu next to Share these updates with and select an option. Continue until you have set settings for each service.

3. Click Finished.

Note: Every time you update or make changes to your details, it will automatically update on your friends' end too.

About Lifestream

Lifestream is a simple and efficient feature that lets you keep track of all your comments on your favorite networking sites such as Digg, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and YouTube. Lifestream is currently available on AIM for Windows, AIM for Mac, Windows Mobile, and iPhone. It is also available on the Web through the Lifestream tab of AIM Express. To check your Lifestream, go to http://lifestream.aol.com.

Lifestream is integrated with AIM for Windows 7, AIM for Mac 2.0, AIM Express, AIM for iPhone, AIM for iPad, AIM for Android, AIM for Windows Mobile, and AIM in AOL Mail . Using Lifestream, you can view all updates made by you and your friends on AIM, Facebook, Twitter, and more, all at one place. You can publish your status, broadcast it to your AIM buddies, and even reply to comments on networking sites from your Lifestream tab. Lifestream exists as a standalone AOL Lifestream product in iPhone, Android, on the web (lifestream.aol.com) -- or for Mac or Windows Desktop. For more details, go to http://lifestream.aol.com/help.