Before you begin, you may want to print this article, because you must exit the AOL Desktop Software to complete the setup.

1. On the Windows taskbar, next to the clock, right-click the AOL icon, select Connectivity, and then click AOL Dialer Settings.

AOL Dialer Settings

Note: If the AOL icon is not present on the Windows taskbar, on the AOL Sign On screen, click Connect Options

2 . Click the Modems tab.

Modems Advanced Settings

4 . Click the Add Modem button.

Add modems

5. In the Select Modem Type box, select the modem installed on your computer. If your modem is not listed, select UMC (Generic) V.32bis. Click the Connected to Port drop-down menu, select the correct COM from the list, and then click Save.


  • If you are using an external modem you can choose between COM4, COM6 or COM8 from the list.
  • If you are using the internal modem, ensure you choose COM3 or COM 49.

Add Modem

6. Click Close.

Close window

You can now try signing on to the AOL service.

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