You can modify real-time virus protection. For example, you can only scan program files and documents, or disable real-time scanning when Windows starts (not recommended).

IMPORTANT: We have launched McAfee 12.8. If you have the older version of McAfee, just follow the instructions below.

The instructions given below are for the older version of McAfee.

Configure Real-Time Protection

1. On the Windows Taskbar, next to the clock double click the Mcafee ( M) icon.

2. On the Advanced Menu link, click the Configure tab.

Note: If you are unable to see the Configure tab, click the Advanced Menu link.

3. On the Configure tab, click the Computers & Files link.

4. Under the Virus protection is enabled section, click the Advanced button.

5. On the Virus Protection screen, click Real-Time Scanning.

6. Select or clear the following check boxes:

  • Scan for unknown viruses using heuristics: Files are matched to signatures of known viruses in order to detect signs of unidentified viruses. This option provides the most thorough scan, but is generally slower than a normal scan.
  • Scan and remove tracking cookies: Cookies that potentially gather and transmit data without your permission are detected and removed. A cookie identifies users when they visit a Web page.
  • Scan network drives: Drives connected to your network are scanned.
  • Enable buffer overflow protection: If buffer overflow activity is detected, it is blocked and you are alerted.

7. Click one of the following options:

  • All files (recommended): Every file type that your computer uses is scanned. Use this option to get a thorough scan.
  • Program files and documents only: Only program files and documents are scanned.

8. Click the OK button


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