You may receive the message "403 - Forbidden" for any one of several reasons. Before you panic, try retyping the web address exactly as you see it and reloading the page. If those options don’t work, email the webmaster of the site. For more help, read below.

Verify the web address

If the web address isn’t typed correctly, the web browser won’t load the correct webpage. Make sure the web address (or URL):

  • Exactly matches the address you were given
  • Is capitalized and punctuated correctly
  • Contains no spaces in the address

Note: Some browsers require http:// before a web address.

Reload the webpage

Sometimes there are temporary problems with the connection to a webpage. If you keep receiving an error message, click Refresh to reload the page. Also, if there is a problem with the webpage, you can try accessing it again later.

Contact the webpage's webmaster

If you believe you should have access to the site, try emailing the webmaster of the site. If the web address is the webmaster's address would be ""