Just when you think everything is running smoothly you get the message, “A runtime error has occurred. Do you wish to debug?” when you try to view a webpage. This is not your fault! It just means Java Applet and cookies were disabled or you need to reset your browser security settings.

First, you’ll need to know which version of Windows is installed on your computer. Then try the suggested solutions below to fix the problem.


Use Microsoft Fix it

The solution to the runtime error depends on the type of error that you receive. The Microsoft support site provides a fix for the issue. This solution is applicable for Internet Explorer 6.0 and higher.

To use Microsoft Fix it:

1. Go to Micorsoft Support Fix Runtime Errors in Internet Explorer.

2. Click the image that matches the error message you received.

Webpage Error

3. Click Microsoft Fix it, and then follow the on-screen instructions.

Fix it

Disable script bugging

1. Open Internet Explorer.

2. Click the Tools menu, and then click Internet Options.

Internet Options

3. Click the Advanced tab.

Advanced Internet Properties

4. In the Browsing section, check the boxes next to Disable script debugging (Internet Explorer) and Disable script debugging (Other), and then click OK.

Internet Options

5. Close Internet Explorer, and then try again.

Download and install Java Virtual Machine

Some programs require Java in order to function properly. If you have trouble accessing websites, installing the latest Java Virtual Machine can help resolve this issue. Refer to our online help article for instructions on how to download and install the latest Java Virtual Machine.

Enable Java applet scripting and cookies

Enabling Java Applet scripting and cookies may help you resolve the issue. To know how to do so, refer to our online help article Enable Java applet scripting and cookies.

Restore browser security settings to the default level

By resetting your browser's security settings, you return the browser to its default state. This is useful in troubleshooting problems that might be caused by settings that were changed after the installation of the browser. For instructions on how to reset the settings, refer to our help article Reset browser security settings to default level.

Reset web settings

If you've installed multiple web browsers some of your browser settings may have changed. You can reset your browser to its default settings. Please visit our help article Reset web settings to learn how.