You may receive the message "We are sorry, but you will need to enable cookies and JavaScript to use your Username with this site" if your browser's JavaScript and cookies settings aren’t correct. To resolve this issue, please enable cookies and JavaScript and then reset your web settings.

Before you begin, you’ll need to find the web browser version you're using and ensure that the AOL Desktop Software is installed on your computer. (Note: If you get this error message while using the AOL Desktop Software, you’ll need to enable cookies and JavaScript on Internet Explorer.)

You will also need to know the version of AOL Connectivity Service (ACS) that your AOL software uses to connect to the internet.

Enable cookies and JavaScript

Enabling cookies and JavaScript may resolve this issue. Check out our help article Enable cookies and JavaScript for instructions to enable cookies and JavaScript.

Reset web settings

If you've installed multiple web browsers and are receiving the error message, some of your browser settings may have changed; however, you can reset your web settings without changing the settings of the other browsers on your computer. Please visit our help article Reset web settings and select your browser version to learn how to set your web settings to default.

Note: If you’re using the AOL Desktop Software, you can rebuild the AOL Adapter to resolve this issue. AOL Adapter connects the AOL Desktop Software to Internet Explorer. Any damage to the adapter can affect the AOL service and your access to the internet. You can fix the damage by rebuilding AOL Adapter. Please click on the version of ACS installed on your computer to learn how to rebuild AOL Adapter.

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