If you receive the message "You can only send one email at a time. Please wait for the current email to be sent, then try again," please wait a minute before trying to send another email.

You can only send one email at a time. So, if an email is currently being sent, you will have to wait until the process is complete. Also, verify that there aren't emails waiting to be sent. If there are no emails waiting to be sent, press the Esc key on your keyboard three times and check whether this resolves the problem.

If you still receive this message, please visit our help article AOL Desktop Software: Troubleshooting to help fix the problem.

Note:If you want to send bulk emails, you will need to get your IP address whitelisted. Please visit http://postmaster.aol.com/cgi-bin/whitelist/whitelist_guides.pl to find out if you are eligible for gaining the whitelisted status.