is a premier web destination for savings on travel-related services, such as hotels, flights, and rental cars. You can book using express deals or even “Name Your Own Price”.


What are Cash Back Rewards?

Priceline and AOL have teamed up to provide cash back rewards whenever you purchase specific items on These cash back rewards apply to flight, hotel, rental car, and package deal purchases. Please see the chart below for more information on specific cash back rewards.

Note: Cash back rewards can only be earned by using your personal Book Travel Now link found on your AOL MyBenefits page or your Cash Back Rewards confirmation email.

IMPORTANT: Cash back rewards are not available on taxes, insurance, fees, canceled orders or phone orders.

ProductCash Back Rewards
Air Retail$3
Air "Name Your Own Price"5%
Hotel Retail5.5 to 8%
Hotel "Name Your Own Price"5%
Hotel Express Deals8%
Rental Car Retail8%
Rental Car "Name Your Own Price"8%
Vacation Packages4%

How do I sign up for Cash Back Rewards?

To sign up for Cash Back Rewards, please follow the instructions below:

1. Visit

2. Click Book Travel Now.

3. On the sign up page, enter your First Name, Last Name, Street Address, City, State, Zip Code, Date of Birth and review the Priceline Terms and Conditions. Then click Continue.

Note: The address you enter here will be where your cash back rewards are sent. The cash back rewards will not be sent to your current address on file with AOL.

4. Verify your Address and Date of Birth and then click Continue.

5. If prompted with a Confirm Your Address screen, select your correct address by clicking Use this Address.

6. You’re all signed up! To begin using Cash Back Rewards, click Book Travel Now.

IMPORTANT: You must use the Book Travel Now button located on this screen, within your confirmation email, or on your AOL MyBenefits page to take advantage of your Cash Back Rewards.

Once I’m signed up, how do I use Cash Back Rewards?

To use Cash Back Rewards, visit your AOL MyBenefits page, locate your benefit, and then click Book Travel Now. You may also use the Book Travel Now link within your Cash Back Rewards Confirmation Email.

IMPORTANT: You must use the Book Travel Now link to take advantage of your Cash Back Rewards. If you make any purchases without using this link, cash back rewards will not be applied to your account.

Where can I find my Cash Back Rewards?

To view your current Cash Back Rewards, log into Locate your Priceline benefit and click Manage Priceline. Here you will be able to see your rewards under the Recent Priceline Activity heading.

What purchases are eligible for Cash Back Rewards?

To see which purchases are eligible for Cash Back Rewards, please review the product chart.

I booked travel using Cash Back Rewards. When do I get cash back?

At this time, we will send you your cash back rewards on a quarterly basis.

IMPORTANT: You must accrue $10.00 during a quarterly period in order to qualify for payment of your cash back rewards. If you do not meet $10.00 accrual, your cash back rewards will continue to be rolled over to the next quarter until you accrue $10.00. However, if your balance remains under $10.00 for a period of one (1) year, we will then issue you your remaining cash back rewards balance.

Can Cash Back Rewards be combined with any other discounts?

No, your Cash Back Rewards cannot be combined with any other discounts through

What happens to my Cash Back Rewards if I change my AOL MyBenefits plan? If I cancel my AOL MyBenefits plan?

If you switch to another paid AOL MyBenefits plan, you’ll keep your accrued Cash Back Rewards, as the program is offered for all paid AOL MyBenefits plans. If you switch to a free account or cancel your AOL MyBenefits plan, you will no longer be able to accrue additional cash back rewards. Any existing accrued cash back rewards will be issued at the next quarterly interval, as long as you have over $10.00 in your cash back rewards balance and as long as your AOL account is in good standing.

How do I change the address where my Priceline Cash Back Rewards check is sent?

Follow these steps in order to change your address:

  1. Sign in on
  2. Click on Manage Priceline.

  3. Click on Edit to modify your information.

Is there a minimum Reward amount I must reach for a check to be sent to me?

Yes. Checks will be mailed quarterly to members who have earned $10 or more of Cash Back Rewards. Rewards for less than $10 will be rolled over the next quarter. If the $10 minimum reward amount has not been met by the end of the year, a check for the reward amount will be sent at that time.