You have the opportunity to earn cash back rewards for your purchase of products through your subscription with AOL and the Yahoo family of brands (the "Priceline Program").

When you make a purchase through the Priceline Program, you agree that the following terms apply to you.

1. Yahoo Inc., its affiliates, subsidiaries and family of brands ("we" or "us") offer the Priceline Program subject to the following terms. If you do not agree to the terms, do not use the program.

2. In order to qualify for rewards through the Priceline Program, you must be a registered user in good standing with us and you must be current on all payments owed to us for any of your subscriptions or purchases. You agree that the Yahoo Terms of Service as supplemented by the additional terms below apply to you.

3. To qualify for the Priceline Program, you must be logged into the program with your account. All purchases must be made during the shopping session that you initiate via the Priceline Program section of an AOL site. You must have cookies enabled on your browser. Purchases made during a different shopping session, e.g., a user returns to at another time to initiate a purchase, will not be considered a qualified purchase. If you visit other sites before completing your purchase, your purchase might not be associated with the Priceline Program and you might not earn cash back on your purchase. We are not responsible if you have disabled your cookies on your browser or if you fail to complete a transaction during a session.

4. Your purchases must be paid in full. You must complete your travel associated with your purchase from before we will give you credit for a cash back reward.

5. may exclude certain products or offers from the Priceline Program. It may impose special conditions on a purchase through the Priceline Program, which special conditions are subject to be changed at any time and without notice to you.

6. You must accumulate a minimum of $10 in your Priceline Program account before you are entitled to any rewards. You are not entitled to any reward if your account is terminated for violating these terms.

7. The specific cash back payments associated with the Priceline Program can be reviewed at Cash Back Rewards FAQs. Cash back rewards are not available on taxes, insurance, fees, canceled orders or phone orders. You understand and agree that rewards may be changed from time to time without liability to you.

8. If fails to report a transaction to us, or withholds payment to us for any reason, we reserve the right to cancel the cash back reward associated with that transaction. Cash back rewards awarded to you are subject to adjustments for returns, cancellations, and other events. Such adjustments can be applied to your account at any time by us at our sole discretion. Should you disagree with any adjustments made to your account, your sole remedy is to withdraw from the Priceline Program.

9. You will be solely responsible for any and all tax liability arising out of your accrual or redemption of cash back rewards.

10. You agree to accept full responsibility to check your account regularly to ensure that cash back rewards have been properly credited and that your account balance is accurate. If you do not believe that a cash back reward has been correctly credited to your account you must contact our customer service within 90 days of the transaction.

11. We will provide cash back rewards in the form of a check. We reserve the right to offer rewards in other forms from time-to-time. Cash back rewards will be mailed to you at least once per year at the postal address associated with your AOL account.  To receive payment of accrued cash back rewards, you must establish and maintain an active AOL account with the information necessary to process your payment: a valid email address at which you are able to receive email, a valid postal address at which you are able to receive mail, your first and last name, and a password to protect your account.  We are not responsible to you for lost or misplaced rewards if you fail to keep your account information up to date.  Certain forms of cash back rewards, such as gift cards, may be subject to additional terms and conditions.

12. Either we or any Partner (including without limitation, in our sole discretion may disqualify transactions or remove previously paid cash rewards from your account if you return or cancel a qualifying purchase, participate in any fraud or abuse relating to the Priceline Program (including conducting "sham" transactions or otherwise colluding with merchants, or otherwise), or fail to comply with these terms. Use of any automated system to participate in the Priceline Program is prohibited and will result in disqualification. You are authorized to access the Priceline Program to make purchases; you are not authorized to access our systems to scrape or mine data. We may suspend or terminate your account without liability to you if we believe you are violating these terms.

13. Cash back rewards have no cash value except for the checks or other awards that we specifically provide to users who subscribe to the Priceline Program. You may not transfer or resell your cash back rewards to anyone else.

14. is responsible for any descriptions, specifications or pricing for products offered through the Priceline Program. You acknowledge that certain offers may have typographical errors, that pricing may change without notice to you, and that some offers are limited to availability. You understand that may impose additional terms and conditions when you purchase its products, which will apply to you.

15. We may change these terms, the Priceline Program, the terms of any rewards and the types of rewards by posting notice of the changes. If you do not agree to the changes, you may discontinue your participation in the Priceline Program. Your ongoing participation in the Priceline Program after we post changes to the terms or program signifies your acceptance to the changes.

Last updated: June 8, 2017