Most web browsers have default security settings to protect your computer from online threats. These settings limit the functionality of each browser on websites that may be potentially harmful, so it is important to restore the security settings of your browser. It’s also important that you enable cookies for your browser. Cookies help store personal information about you so that when you return to a website, you have a more personalized experience.

Before you get started, you’ll need to know which browser version you're using. Then read below to learn how to reset browser security settings and enable cookies.

How do I reset my browser's security settings?

Restoring your browser's security settings to their default level will remove any restrictions placed on website access. Please visit our help article Reset browser security settings to default level and select your browser version to learn how to reset your browser's security settings.

How do I enable cookies on my browser?

Cookies store information you enter on a webpage, such as passwords or login information, to make website more convenient to use later. If you disable cookies, some webpages may not display properly or open at all; therefore, you might want to enable cookies if they are disabled. Check out our help article Enable cookies on your browser to learn how.